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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Back by popular demand: ROUND 2!!!!!!!!

I've taken enough time off to give my shoulder an ample amount of Physical Therapy. Which, in turn, should provide me with the needed shoulder stability to bring it "X-like" in Round 2 that I am going to start with tomorrow.
Hey Adam,

I am going to start another Round of 90 Days. Being that I've been out since Mid. December with that shoulder injury at Day 78, it didn't make sense to finish out a program that is designed to be completed from start to finish. (or at least that what I think).

Between rounds, I didn't stick to the rigid meal plan provided by P90X, but I did stick to the "guidelines" of the amount/type/serving size of food I ate. I did bring along some of my favorite dishes too. Taking what I've learned from the nutritional program to make my own meals.

Here are a few things that are going to stay the same, and some that are going to change:

*I am still going to be posting weekly photos of my progress. I truly believe this was my #1 motivator making me stick to the program.

*This round since I've been through the meal plan once and know how much I should eat, what kinds of foods, etc.. I am adding/deleting some meals and replacing them with others. I am going to try my hand at the meal plan provided by

* I am going to also try my hand at making my own protein bars!! This should be interesting since there are hundreds of recipies (baked & non-baked) for protein bars. I'll post which recipie I use and my thoughts about each.

* Obviously with my shoulder injury, I am taking out one or two of the tricep excercies where my shoulders flare out making my rotator cuff open.

That's about it... Just alittle here and there, but over all, it's still P90X!!!!

I'm actually excited about working out again and trying to beat my results from round 1.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play once again!