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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 14 - I'm a (Kenpo) Ninja

What a great way to end week 2.
With all the stretching I've been doing and having done legs yesterday, my horse stance was rock solid. The only part about the dvd is that the begginning stretching makes my legs burn like they're on fire. It's like doing yoga.... So I try to stay up w/ Tony, but I have to get outta some of the positions often.

Like last week's Kenpo Blog entry, I have to almost double time it on some of the excersices so that I can keep my heart up in "THE ZONE" to get maximum calorie burning. During the breaks I do continuous jumping jacks and "Crazy jacks"--> found on Cardio X. While the first half of kenpo is great, the second half where we do all the arm block sequences I have to do 2x cause my heart rate cools down outta "the zone" during that time.

All-in-All, week 2 was alot better than week 1. I busted my #'s from last week, I feel stronger, I have more energy, my tire is slowly going away, and I've stuck to the P90X meal plan.

But the greatest part of all is that I'm seeing a difference. I can't stand my Week 1 pictures, and when compared to my week 2. WOW!!! Not bad for only 7 days of working out.

I'll be taking my Week 3 pictures tommorow and putting them up...

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 13 - Legs

Another day of Legs over. It's unbelievable how fast week 2 has flown. I just have tomorrow to do Kenpo X and it'll be time to start week 3. WOW!!!

I feel my legs getting stronger and more flexible by the day. Today I was able to do down farther in my stretches than I was during week 1. But the highlight of the day has to go to...... WALL SQUATS!!! Week 1 practically ripped my legs a new one. But this week, I conquered wall squats rather than them conquering me. I gave it my all and tried going X-treme on holding all the positions till the timer ended.

Also this time around, I tried to "BUST IT!" by adding some weights on the legs when Tony suggested it. Since I already had 20# D.B.'s made up, that's what I used. WOW!!! That opened a whole new can of pain. But it was a good weight, nothing over bearing. My pull ups are still my weak link to my body. Today, I tried to do as many on my own before using the chair. I was able to pull out 1-2 pullups of my own body weight. Not bad.. But not good either.. Next week, my goal is 3 pull ups (every position) on my own before the chair.

ARX also came and went, skipping right to it after leg stretching. I tried to keep up with the guy on the right side of the screen again. Once again I tried, and once again he left me in the dust, but I'm thinking baby steps. I feel my abs getting stronger, and more toned. But I HAVE to get rid of this layer of fat around my stomach and back. I'm going to continue doing some cardio (2x-3x) next week to help aid in the fat burning process.

Today, I had to do another mixing up of the meal plan due to lack of meal ingredients. This plan blazes through groceries like no ones business. Well, maybe it's because it takes fresh ingredients and you have to buy them every week cause by the end of the week, they're no good. I'm still going to stick to the meal plans cause that's the commitment I made at the beginning.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 12 - It's WARRIOR day!

Another Yoga day down in the books (or worksheets). In hopes of getting this spare tire off my body, I've decided to do alittle extra cardio. Maybe 2x a week. Nothing major because P90X classic is already pushing my body to the extreme.

Today, instead of going for a jog on the treadmill during lunch today, I'd thought I'd take an early day off of work (Don't tell my boss.. hahaha) and do the Cardio X dvd. Since today is Yoga day, I didn't think I'd be that worn out. So, I got home early, set up the living room, got my towel, my water, and pushed Play.

Cardio X is GREAT!! It's Plyo; It's Kenpo; and Yoga all roled into one. Definitely alot better, and more fun than running on a treadmill. I was drenched at the end of it (like usual). Had my delicious recovery drink. Dominique was in this video, so I had someone to keep up with. This guy is freakin crazy in Plyo, so if I can keep up with him, I'll be on the good path to becoming Tireless.

After acouple hours rest and dinner, I put in Yoga. Since I've already been through this dvd before I knew what positions where what, so I was able to focus more on my breathing and relaxing than trying to look up and see what position Tony was talking about. This time, I was able to hold the positions alittle longer, go deeper, and had more stability than last time. This time I was ready for all the Downward dogs, Vinyasa's, and all the Different Warriors. I held them like a Pro.

I also had my 2yr old son doing the first part of Yoga with me tonight. It is hilarious seeing him mimic me and Tony. I'm going to make him a P90X shirt and take a picture with him in it.

All-in-all, it was a good day. Cardio and Yoga.

One comment though, the meal plan is getting alittle harder to follow by the day. It's not making the meals, it's having all the ingredients to make them. You run out fast, and sometimes you just don't have 30-45 minutes to make dinner that night or lunch for the next day. What I've been doing is switching out days. Monday's Bfast, Thursday Lunch, Sunday's Dinner. It's what I have in the fridge at the time. I'm still sticking to the plan.. Just mixing it up... hahaha. It's kinda like Stomach Confusion, instead of Muscle confusion.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 11 - Popeye has nothin on me!!

This day is by far my most favorite day. Working out the money makers. This week, I'm still on a "BUST IT!" mentality. Meaning, I want to bust my #'s of last week. "Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better" doesn't come from just "Bringing It!". You got to smash through barriers and push yourself to new levels. I believe that I've done that again today. I'm still pleased that I'm still feeling Chest & Back two days ago. I feel stronger, faster. I have more confidence, even though it's just in my own little Nick's World.

I started out with the green band again, but after the first set I was tired of trying to get the "perfect loop" in the band to get me struggling on 12-15. But I was still fighting with the loop size by the time Tony and the others were half way done. So I busted out the free weights. I'm glad I did. I slapped on the weight to give me 20# dumbbells and OH YEAH! the difference I needed. Only on one or two did I go back to the band, but I'm done with that thing for now.

Today's workout was AWESOME!!! Got that after workout pump that I didn't get last week. If you take a look at my spreadsheet, you'll notice that I busted last weeks numbers, with good form and execution. So I'm pretty stoked about that. Plus, my left shoulder didn't give me any problems.
As a little side note:
Today, I just happened to be working out when my 2 yr old son came out to the living room. He asked "What you doing Daddy?" After I told him working out, he said "I work out too." He proceeded to pick up the green bands, which he saw me us and push them above his head. He would mimic me during every excersice. Every little grunt, foot placement. He even got a drink out of his sippy cup when I took my water break. High Fives happened after every set. He even did ARX w/ me. Of course it was as alot of just laying there watching me, but he kept saying: "Good work Daddy".

I'd like to also add that he LOVES the Recoery drink. :) Now if a 2 year old, finicky eating, son likes the recovery drink.. YOU KNOW IT TASTES GOOD!!

I loved every minute of this workout. I got myself in shape, and I had my biggest supporter and motivator right next to me!

I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't start using that recovery formula till the end of last week, and I can tell a difference when I do and do not take it. I'm not as "tired" after and the next day. Plus, it's freakin tasty. Like a orange creamsicle or orange-julius.

Goals for today:
Stick to the meal plan: DONE --> 90%
Bust It! during this workout: DONE

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play. BUST IT!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 10 - Fire LEGS!

Another day of Plyometrics.

Well, once again I must come straight out and say it!!

I HATE THIS WORKOUT!!!!!! (but I love it!)

I started the day P90X crazy again. Got up, had my meal, (congratulations to me for sticking to the meal plan!!!), rearing to go to work, do my thing, and get back to do Plyo. Being that this "beast" kicks my tail each time, I wanted to get it over w/ A.S.A.P.

I didn't stop this round of Pyro. I did everything in my power to no stop. I did modified, I slowed down, I speed up. Once again, tried to go to that "happy place" everyone talks about. But again, I found out that there is no happy place where it burns fire 100% of the time. But I didn't stop. I'm really proud of myself. I feel like I've conquered something since I didn't stop and went the entire way through. One little thing that did help me through was my little chant: "Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Better."

I've noticed that in only a week, my endurance and strength have increased. My weights & reps have picked up alittle. My endurance (or pain threshold) has increased just a tad. I finally got my week 2 pictures up on the blog. I can honestly say that I notice alittle slimming going on in the stomach area. Just take a look at week 1 and week 2 side shots.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 9 - "Back" in Action

Woke up today excited about working out again! I think I'm getting alittle TOO excited about P90X. It's the last thing I think about (besides my wife and son) before I fall asleep, and the first thing I think about when I wake up.

Being that this is the start of week 2, I wanted to see where I stood w/ my reps/weigths compared to last week.. I want to BEAT, no not just match, BEAT last weeks #'s.

I couldn't wait to start it today to see how my shoulder would hold up, and I'm happy that it didn't give me any problems during the routine. My left side was alittle tighter, but that was about it.

MAN, WHAT A WORKOUT!! I'm definitely feeling the pump this time. I went all out, balls to the wall, didn't stop till my body couldn't push or pull another time. As you can see from my daily updated spreadsheet, I pretty much met or exceeded my Week 1 numbers. I used some pushup bars that I had stashed in a closet. Definetly worth purchasing!! It takes the pressure off my wrists, and gave me another 5-6 inches to go further down, getting that deep stretch. I focused more on the technique than just blasting out as many as I could. On pull ups, I'm still using the chair method, but I place it to where I can just use my toes and ball of my foot to give me help. I'm am 100% satisfied with my results and efforts today on Chest&Back. I gave Tony and the Kids 100% effort on this one. I didn't use my shoulder as an excuse to not push myself, or letting myself stop a few reps short.

The first time I did Ab Ripper X, it practically kill me by ripping my stomach in two. And as for an update on how I'm holding up today........... It's still practically killing me :). But I'm pushing through. I can kinda see my top two ab muscles coming back (BARELY THOUGH). I can't say enough about this. I'm more confident working out at home where I can scream, cry, and yell at Tony on how much I hate him.

I have plyo tomorrow. Another day I love to hate.

Goals for today:
Stick to the Meals: Done
110% on todays workout: Done
Week 2 Pics: Taken, but not published yet.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 8 - Callin in Sick

Well as you know, yesterday I subluxated my left shoulder. While, I can raise my arm up, down, and all around, it's still alittle tender. Since today is a Chest & Back which is going to put my shoulders through the ringer, I'm going to not chance further injuring my shoulder.

To make up for today, this entire week is going to be off by one day. What I'm suppose to do on Mon. will be Tues., what is on Tues. will be done on Wed., etc.. etc...

I'll double up on Sunday w/ Kenpo X in the morning and X stretch at night.

I'm still sticking to the diet. Gonna post Week 2 pics tomorrow.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 7 - X Stretch

Today, I hurt myself. I subluxated my left shoulder goofing off. It's been an ongoing shoulder problem of mine since my gymnastic years in high school. Since then, I've dislocated my left shoulder 4-5 times and subluxated it about the same number of times throughout my college athletic years. Today, I guess my shoulder was just weak from the week long workouts and I just put my shoulder in that weird position where it "popped" out. Fortunately, I'm was able to get it back in.

X-stretch was today, which was HIGHLY needed. A combination of Yoga X and all the stretching done pre-workout of the other days. With my shoulder still alittle tender from this mornings accident, it was really nice to have a entire day devoted to stretching out all the kinks in my body from the weeks constant pounding. Since day 1, with all the stretching done pre-/post- workouts, I've notice that my flexibility has increased. I can go down farther (maybe another inch or so) down to the floor. After, I felt great. I was completely stretched out and relaxed. A great way to finish up Week 1. I don't know how extreme I'll be next week w/ my shoulder alittle tender, but I'm going to try my best.

I'm going to possibly try to add some cardio during next week to help boost the fat burning. Maybe a med-high intensity 25-30 minute jog during my lunch break. Also, since my shoulder is alittle tender, I'll probably add some rotator-cuff exercises to help strengthen them back up.

One down..... 12 more to go!!!! "BRING IT!!!"

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 6 - Kenpo X

GOOD LORD that was fun!!!! I don't think I have to say that it anymore that these routines are non-stop intense, since I say it every day. But, I was actually getting into the "Power yells". Coming from a martial art back-ground (Tracy System Kenpo, Kenjutsu, & Kuk Sool Won) I was ready and excited about this workout. It gave me a chance to put my balance, kicking, and punching skills to the test.

The first 10-15 minutes is devoted to stretching. I'm thinking on a 60 minute routine, if 20 minutes is spent stretching, that only leaves a small amount of time to "Bring It". I was So, So, So, So wrong. From that moment on, I ate my words. Just when you feel comfortable with one exercise, Tony throws you a curve ball with another move that makes your body switch the way it holds itself, the muscles used, the position and way they move.

Being I use to do these kicks and punch sequences for years, I had the movement and technique down. So I went X-treme, I did kicking combinations. I set my own pace, instead of single high kicks, I did a combination of Low-High. Or multiple kicks w/ out putting my foot down, working on my balance. When the going got tough, I kept my pace by going back to my plyometrics chant of "Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better."

This is a great workout, my shirt was completely drenched and stuck to me at the end of the workout. I tried to keep my heart rate "In the Zone". For me it's around 165-175 bps. This workout kept it there!!! Can't wait till next week when I do Kenpo X again.

Until then, I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 5 - Legs & Back

Well, I'm almost through the week 1 of 13. I've only been doing P90X now for only a couple of days, and I feel like I'm making progress. I've been sticking to the nutrition plan (I will never call it a "diet") and I've noticed a difference. I'm more "awake" during the day, my mind is "clearer", I can concentrate more, I don't get that mid-day slow-down.

I've lost 2-3 lbs on the scale, which I thought ironic since I'm eating MORE than I ever did. Since I'm staying focused on sticking 110% w/ the nutrition plan, and the P90X workout plan, my self-esteem has gone up. I could go on for hours, but if this is only day 5 / week 1, I can't wait till day 91.

Legs&Back today was pretty intense (as usual). Luckily, by having Yoga X yesterday, my body was fully strecthed out, wasn't stiff, and I don't think I've done that many lunges in so many different ways. I hated working out legs in college, and I still hate it now. However, I want to have the "full package" Upper body and lower body. What killed me in this workout where the wall-squats. OUCH!!! My wife watched me during the routine and kept give me (what she thought) "advice" to go lower or to straighten my legs. Thanks! :(

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend the Chin-up bar. I can hit every pull up position!! Easy Up before the workout/ easy down after. Working on "Quality" instead of "Quantity" my pull up #'s lowered, but I believe I'm getting the better deal.. Sure the guys/girls on tv can do 18-20 while I'm only doing 6-10. But they started exactly where I'm at, so that's my motivation. I'm still using the chair w/ my chin-ups, but I'm pushing myself to use it less and less each time. But, if I use the chair less and less each day. I'll be a pull up king by day 90.

I'll be back tommorow pushing play.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 4 - Yoga X

Today I did Yoga. This is exactly what I needed. It's not all about going, and going, and going. Tony and the P90X crew got it right by putting this at day 4. After walking around like Frankenstein the past 3 days, alittle stretching inner peace was the trick.

It's still no easy task, the first ~30ish minutes, I'm still sweating once again putting my body into positions never seen before. LOVED THIS WORKOUT!!!! Even thought I couldn't full get into all the positions, I stuck w/ it the ENTIRE workout and did the modified positions when I had to.

I've never done yoga before so this was an experience. I felt refreshed and energized after, I don't know how or why, but THIS STUFF WORKS!. For the rest of the day, I felt engergized, my legs, arms, and the rest of my body lost that Frankenstein stiff feeling. I picked me up some that Recovery Drink, DELIIIIIIIICCCCIOUS! Hope it works like they say it will.

Also, I added in Ab Ripper X after because I forgot (Don't know why) to do it yesterday w/ Arms&Shoulders.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 3 - Shoulders & Arms

Once again today, ALL my muscles still sore. Plyometrics really kicked my butt. But to tell you the truth, Plyo was really really fun. Tony's comic relief throughout the video makes in fun and enjoyable.

At work today, I had to get up and walk around more than usual due to the fact that the longer I sat in my office seat, the more my legs would hurt the next time I got up. I guess I was having too much fun last night.

Today was Shoulders & Arms. Due to a relatives birthday, I didn't get to workout until 11pm tonight, but it didn't bother me because I felt that if I missed a day, or skipped a day in the sequence that I was letting myself down. Weird how this was only Day 3, but I'm 110% on this program. I WANT MY RESULTS, Come hell or high water!!!

My P90X came w/ a green band. So, I thought that if I ever need to go on vacation, or have to go out of town during work, I could just pack my DVD's & band. So I thought I'd try this workout w/ the band.

The green band seemed to work quite nicely. The only problem that I had was trying to figure out the correct loop size for each exercise. One exercise I would need a big loop; another, a small loop; the other, medium loop. So the first time through it was cumbersome. I found that by the time I'd figured out my correct "loop size", Tony and "the kids" were either already done or half way through. So I'd have to run over and hit the pause button. Finish my reps, then press play again. I gave each exercise my complete 100% attention to form. Being that I'm wanting to tone/lean down I went for the higher 12-15 reps instead of the bulk maker 8-10.

All-in-all, it was a good workout. I started seeing those veins popping and muscle ripples in my shoulders that I had in college again. Almost made me want to cry. :) My triceps and shoulders were blasted on this workout. I can't wait for tomorrow. Once again, I'm am amazed, absolutely amazed on this Workout Package as a whole. This is THE workout program I've been looking for!! There is No Equal. Not Tae-Bo, Not Buns/Abs/ETC of steel. No lame "Body by Jake" apparatus. Nothing.

Goals Day 3:
- Stick to the Nutrition Plan - DONE!
- Keep & Attain Rep # - DONE!
- Get Through Shoulders & Arms - DONE!

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 2 - "Pyro"-metrics

This morning I woke up and even though alittle sore. Of course, who wouldn't be after not working out for several months. I just wanted to say that I feel great. I know that I'm getting myself back in shape. I know that I'm making myself and my body healthier. I know that whatever Tony puts me through is going to get me results. I wake up ready to start the meal plan and get through the day so that I can come home and work out.

ok, Another amazing workout and day DONE! Today was Plyometrics. I'll rewind and take you back before I pressed play:

I am still sore in the chest and back from yesterday's brutal workout. But this is exactly where I need to be and what I need to be doing. I thought to myself: "Today HAS to be better than yesterday, all I have to do is just jump around. I have some strong legs and I have some good jump height already."

Then, I loaded the Plyometrics DVD in the player, and pressed play.

During the warmup, Tony states that this is the “mother of all the workouts” and "The Beast!" and this is the X in P90X. Then something popped in my mind: The mother? The Beast!

Are you kidding me? Seriously, what was yesterday? A walk in the park w/ fifi the poodle? I’m not ready for "the mother", or ANYTHING nicknamed "The Beast." But, I'm ready and committed to this program 110%. I'm going to finish this one if it kills me. Just an hour of jumping.

THE PAIN! THE BURNING! Make it Stop Please!! 10 minutes into the workout and my legs are on FIRE! Looking over at the clock. Oh yeah, 45 MORE minutes to go. But if they can do it, I can do it. (I hope).

30 minutes into the workout, I’m dying! The sweat is coming non stop. I'm thinking to myself: "I want to go home! This is killer." But then I looked around. I couldn't go home cause I was already there. AAAAGH!! The legs are becoming non-responsive (hahahaha). But I'm going to admit this right now. The water breaks that are 30sec to 1min long.... I hit the pause button. The pause button was my friend throughout this workout. But only on the water breaks. On occasion, they would say their heart rate, Tony's saying "Oh, I got my heart rate up to 120, I better get going." HA, you've got to be kidding me! I got him beat by a long shot, mine was around 170. My heart was pounding so hard, I felt my entire neck and head throb w/ every pulse of my heart.

Throughout this routine, I'm loving it. Tony's come up with out-of-this-world jumping exercises that hit my legs at every angle. True, my legs feel like I'm getting stuck w/ hot pokers. But It's going to make me stronger, faster, better. No Pain, No Gain. Sometimes, I had to do the "modified" version of the jump, but this time I NEVER stopped. I blasted till the end of each time sequence. Each jump, I chanted: "Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Better."

Well, I made it through Plyo today. I'm extremely proud of myself that I didn't give up, and that even if I couldn't get more than 2" off the ground at time, or even if I did the modified version. I kept with it till the end. 2 days down, 88 more to go. Once again, I met my goal of sticking to the nutrition plan and giving 100% to the workout. I'm DEFINITELY going to feel this tomorrow. No doubt. But I'm better off today than I was before P90X.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

TIP: Don't Close your eyes, Stay Focused at the TV. If you close your eyes, all you senses heighten. ESPECIALLY your TOUCH sensors and (at least for me) it all seemed to focus on my legs making them hurt more. Oh yeah, Don't think of trying to go that "Happy Place". In Plyometrics, there is no "Happy Place."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 1 - Armageddon

Well, I've officially finished Day 1. And to sum it all up I'd have to say that it was RIDICULOUSLY INTENSE!! It was AWESOME!

I hit both of my goals today. First goal was to stick to the meal plan. To save time in the morning, I'm making my lunches and snacks for the day the night before! Breakfast was tasty and delicious. I was first intimidated by the amount of food that I was going to eat for the day. But when I sat down and tallied all the calories, protein, carbs, fat; it was the daily intake that I'm "suppose" to be eating. Along w/ constantly hydrating throughout the day, and sucking down the Animal Pak vitamins, I did notice that I wasn't as "sluggish" and had more energy throughout the day.

P90X did a great job on the nutritional plan. The recipes are easy to make (some have more ingredients than others, but that's about it), and they taste great! Since I have something new everyday, I'm going to be cooking for myself more in the next 90 days than I probably have my entire life! (No Joke!) If things keep tasting the way they do, it's going to be no problem keeping to the meal plan. 110% Commitment.
Ok, Now for the workout.
Today was Chest & Back. I was ready for anything. I had my weights, I had my P90X Chin-Up bar (Which is a MUST!, this chin-up bar is great construction, sturdy and lets me hit EVERY possible hand position), towel and bottle of water, and my P90X workout sheets to write down my reps/weights.
I've read on the discussion boards about the intensity of these videos.
And as I pressed play I thought to myself:
"How hard could it be?," "I'm not going to have that much trouble." "I can handle 1 hour."

OH MY GOD! I was dead wrong. That literally kicked my tail. As I was pushing and pulling, I don't think I've made those types of grunting noises before. This was only 10 minutes into the workout (not including the stretching part). My wife came out in the living room to see why I'm making this weird noises, and to snicker. After about 5 minutes of watching, she knew X-actly why. I looked over at the time bar and almost cried. "I HAVE 30 MORE MINUTES?" Of course, while the guys/girls on the screen where doing 30, I was doing a mere 12-15, sometimes only six or eight. But that didn't bother me. I used Tony's motivation to keep me going. I had a number in my head and I stuck to it. I went till my body couldn't go any farther. Then I knew I gave 110%. This video pushes you relentlessly, first you pull, then you push, thne you pull again, then push. Then, the all cherished 40 sec water break. Then BAM! right back into it without skipping a beat going through a whole barrage of exercises. OH YEAH!, THAT WAS ONLY ROUND 1, there is still a second round. But I made it through. I didn't stop, and I didn't quit! At the end there is a cool down, but for me, my "cool down"was more of a "try and not throw-up."

Tony stressed to have a goal, a number of reps, in mind. I had a number and I stuck with it, even if after the first one, my body gave out, I'd do what I could to keep great form and HIT MY NUMBER, even if the push ups went down only 3 inches, or I used my foot during pull-ups.


The name says it all. I've down almost every type of sit up (I THOUGHT), until I did this video. Just like the Chest&Back routine, this routine it just as brutal (in a GOOD way.) I loved every minute of it; Yelling "GIVE ME MORE" as my abs burned as if on fire. This routine is only 15 minutes long, but it felt like 30. It was great, and I can't wait to do it again. My favorite exercises they did was the Curl-up/V-up.

I have found THE workout for me. Tony Horton is unbelievable and so is P90X. Usually workout out in the gym, or by myself, I find that I "fudge" here and there on weight and rep. But with his motivation, doing the excersices w/ me and the guys/girls in the back pumping them out. It makes me want to stay focused and work harder. No wonder people get outrageous results. I can't wait for day 90!! Then, it'll be time to do it all over again!

In closing, I meet my goals of sticking to the meal Plan, and I finished Day One. I'm going to sleep really well tonight.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fit Test (Pre Day 1)

Well, Today is the first day before Day 1. I just finished the "Fit Test" that I have to pass before going on to P90X. Below are the start #'s to use as a base line for when I perform the fit test on Day 90.

Resting Heart Rate: 65
1. Pull Ups: 3 -- I am totally embarrassed on this one. Wide-Grip.
2. Jump Height: 20" (Start: 89" Jump: 109")
3. Push Ups: 30 - This was hard as I had a dog and my son crawling on me at the time. :)
4. Toe Touch: -1"
5. Wall Squat: 1:48 -- This again, I am embarrassed by. My legs were shaking like jello. haha
6. Bicep Curl: 19 using perfect form w/ 20# DB's. Since I want to have a weight were I max out around ~12. I'm going to try to go to 25#. But for the first arm workout, I'm sticking w/ 20's.
7. Ab Test: 55 till it hurt too much.. I wasn't sure on the "form" of doing these. So I was in a V position. Hope this was right.
8. Heart Rate Maximizer:
Immediately After: 179
1 Minute Rest: 146
2 Minute Rest: 130
3 Minute Rest: 126
4 Minute Rest: 108

Well, It's off to the store to get all the groceries to make the food for this week. I'm taking Animal Pak mulitvitamins for 1) They are CHEAPER than the P90X, 2) They have ever ingredient and amount as the P90X and more. The only drawback is that instead of taking 6 pills a day, the animal pak has 11 pills. I don't know about sucking down 11 pills 2x a day. I think that once these are gone, I'm just going to get the P90X pills.

But I've PASSED the first stage of my transformation. Tomorrow is going to be the real test because I'm going to still the food plan 100% and give 110% to the P90X system. Wish me luck.