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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Alright! Alright!! It's been long enough, I've had time to let my shoulder get fixed. I've had time to have my second son. (OH YEAH!) During the break, my wife and I had our second son named Zachary! Born Feb. 2nd. He's GORGEOUS!!!! And I've had time to pack on ~5 lbs of body weight in the mean time. Not bad. Going from 215lbs to 185lbs during round 1, and now I'm up to 190lbs for being 5 months out.

However, during the past month, I've convinced my wife to join in on the fun and action. So occasionally during my daily entries, my wife will give her insight on what it feels like going through the program from a "women's'" perspective. I'm just excited that I got my wife to do it along with me!!!. Plus, I think it will be a great addition to everyone out there following along and wonder if a husband and wife can do the same program AT THE SAME TIME! I'll be using the weights and she's going to be using the band that came along with P90X. When it's time for pull ups, she'll use the good 'ol "Band in the door jam" method.

HERE'S THE KICKER!! This round is going to be taken to the next level! THAT'S RIGHT!!

During this past month of gearing up to do Round 2 of P90X, I've been contemplating whether to do Round 2 of P90X, which I've done, or try my luck going to the next level. Well, long story short. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!! So P90X+ it is... Though I could have purchased my products through, I decided to go to and purchase from them. My stuff was ordered Monday and was at my doorstep by Thursday! Super Fast!

So I'm going to be going through the NEXT Level of P90X. With my wife, hopefully, right next time me, I'm going to write just like I did in Round 1. I'll be adding all the good stuff, like weekly photos, new food recipes I find, my daily weights/rep spreadsheet.

I'm also working on a P90X+ workout spreadsheet, like the one I have for P90X, but changed to either include the +, or just be specifically P90X+.

Well, It's time for my first fit test before I unleash the beast tomorrow!!!


Until then, keep pushing play!


Saad said...


Love your blog and how it is organized. I just started my P90X workouts and I am really stoked!

This is my first blog ever so I am excited about that as well.

Nevertheless, I look forward to reading about your experience w P90X+.


Saad Ahmed

Jen said...

I am on day 16 of P90x and I was just searching around for other couples that are doing this. (my hubby and I are doing it together). I am already psyched to finish P90X so we can order the P90X+. I'm anxious to see what you guys think of it!

Anonymous said...


Your blog is great. I picked yours to review b/c we seem to have the same body type. I'm 6'3" 210 right now 20% body fat...prob where you were week 1 P90x. Any recommendation though regarding food or a meal plan? Your 1st round P90x is my goal. Thanks and keep it up.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Blog...I read it and it gave me the motivation to get started.

I live in Kingwood, it was nice to see a local guy doing this with great results.

Anyways, I started a blog also. Any thing to keep me motivated is good check it out and let me know what you think:



Unknown said...

I really like the way you've setup your blog, I think I pretty just read most of your posts! Anyway, I'm really impressed that you are on P90X+. I just started P90X and it is really intense. Looking forward to reading your updates on P90X+.

Anonymous said...

We just found your blog and it is very inspirational. We look forward to reading about round 2. My wife is especially interested in reading about your wife's experience.

Anonymous said...

Your blog and worksheets have helped so much. Thank you. This is my first go at P90X. I am nervous and excited. I need the challenge.

zack said...

Nice job guys, this is an extreme workout stick with it, I actually just completed my 3rd cycle, and it's amazing what this simple program can do

Katey said...

I'm on my first round of P90X, day 8. So far, I love it! I'm already starting to see results. I love reading all your blog entries! Great motivation. Please keep posting.

Craig_Hurst0516 said...

Hey Iv enjoyed reading your blog. thats awesome that you are starting P90X+ I hope to get there. I am about to start P90X check out my blog ill be updating it soon.

Mickey J said...

Great work! You look good, and you're an inspiration.

Is this the P90x you're watching?

I see that they have an "enhanced" version, and the regular. Since I haven't done the first series, I'm assuming I should start there?

Thanks again!

BeTheChallenge said...

I'm in Phase 2 of my P90X and it is kicking me in the butt. I'm still working out in the gym so I think both workouts are catching up with me. I'm enjoying the referral rewards though. I actually made some some money with P90X( I'm looking forward to Insanity as well. Health is Wealth, pass it on...

Brad said...

Are you still doing P90X? Its been awhile since you've updated.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Unknown said...

Love your blog and how it is organized. My girlfriend and I just started P90X and we also started a blog You can check it out at You really have done a nice job with your blog!

Pete said...

Hi Nicholas,

We hope to see you back soon. Even if everything didn't go as planned, it is never too late to start again.


†•▬Јw▬•† said...

Agreed, variety is the spice of life and P90x kills in that department. Congratulations on convincing your spouse to do it with you as well.
Feel free to check out my blog as well, I'm on my 2nd week of phase one.

Drew said...

Woah dude, these people are right, you blog is totally sweet. Congratulations on the kid! You should get back on the program! I'm on day 44, you should go to my blog and give me tons of your sweet tips! (this goes for everyone else here, too!). I'd like to exchange tips, I've come up some ideas to improve the workout regimen for sure.