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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 69 - Kenpo takes a back seat

Over the past three months, Kenpo has gone from my absolute favorite workout (that gets my heart pumping, my legs kickin, my hands punching, and that fat burning) to one that I just seem to hit play, go through the moves, and move on with my life.

Don't get me wrong, I still "BRING IT" during Kenpo, but it doesn't have that "BAM" anymore. I've had to add hand weights to make the blocking section actually worthwhile. Ever since Day 1, I've had to 2x the punching and kicking to get a good workout.

Months before I started P90X, I came into possession of some Billy Blanks Tae-Bo DVD's. I admit it, I did tae-bo. Proud to say it, because if anyone knows how to merge martial arts and cardio workouts together it's Billy Blanks. Anyways, while cleaning/looking through my DVD collection, I found some. I thought that since it's kenpo day today, and I remember that these DVD's are pretty intense and they're very similar to Kenpo X, I'd give it a shot.

I popped in the "Fat Blasting Cardio" it's 45 minutes of not stop kicking, punching, stepping, and every combination under the sun. I remembered that this video was my favorite when I did them back "in the day".

After pushing play I remember why I loved it! If there was any place within the P90X system that could use a re-vamp or some pointers it's Kenpo X. And if they want to know what a TRUE kicking/punching/balance cardio workout should contain, they should watch this workout. While P90X has the workout flow, sequencing, and structure, this workout has the "meat and potatoes". My heart rate was up there in "The ZONE" throughout the entire workout. The workout more motivating, the moves never got old, and I didn't have to do 2x the moves or add hand weights to get a workout.

I'm not saying it, maybe, just maybe when I start Round 2 of P90X, I'll be substituting various Tae-Bo DVD's for Kenpo X. If not for the Kenpo X, at least when I do cardio. However, I've heard that Kenpo X+ (which I think is coming out with the P90X+ package) is bigger, badder, and better than Kenpo X. We'll just have to come back and compare notes after P90X+ comes out. But, being that P90X can be modified and intensified so many different ways, (and depending on $$$ of P90X+) I might just stick with P90X.

Week 10 Photos are coming up online tomorrow so we'll see what kind of results I've gained in a week. While I've stayed off the weight scale, my pants scale feel roughly the same so I think I didn't lose/gain any weight. But I'm at (what I think/believe) is my ideal weight of 180-185lbs. So now, I'm going to focus on body fat % loss and definition.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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