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Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 71 - Chest & Back One Last Time

Back to the Basics with Chest and Back this week. The chest workout is great because it needs no weights and there are only three back exercises that need weights. Being that this is the last "Resistance Week," I decided to work out at home instead of working out at my work's gym. I wanted to "hang out" the Tony and the Kids for my last week. Plus, since I don't/didn't have to worry about changing weights, it was perfect to see if I could "hang" with the boys.

I'm am so amazed on my progress these few short months. Looking at my rep. stats, I've almost doubled my reps on every exercise. In addition, I'm doing pull-ups ON MY OWN!!! That's the kicker that makes me smile each and every time. On week 1, I could pump out 15 standard pushups before the clock ran out. Now, in week 11, I pushed 30. Pullups, I went from being able to barely do 3 to doing 8 before I even think of going to the chair to burn out.

As for pushups, I'm super impressed with my diamond and decline pushup numbers. Week 1, I could only do 6 of each before my arms gave out and I faced planted to the ground. After 10 weeks of P90X, I've MORE THAN DOUBLED my decline pushups with 17, and TRIPLED my diamonds with 25. WOW!!

The reason why I know my chest muscles have grown in size and strength are due to the combination of 1)Muscle Confusion in P90X and 2)The sequence of exercises in each workout incorporating biceps & Triceps.

Tony's talked about developing a "muscled" chest requires that you also build your triceps and front deltoids. The three work as a unit. And what do you know, I strengthen those two muscle groups and all of a sudden, BOOM, my chest got stronger and toned. In addition, we all know that women prefer men whose torsos have an inverted triangle -- a broad chest and shoulders and a narrow waist.

Once more P90X has thought of it all. They put Chest and Back together. If you develop your chest at the expense of your back, you cause a muscular imbalance that makes you prone to injury and also gives you really sloppy posture. You may have a champ's chest, but you'll walk around looking like a wimp. With the amount of Pull-ups and upper/lower back exercises in P90X: The "wimp" look with never happen and the Power-V will be all the ladies see. :)

Well, The Chest and Back chapter of my First Round Journey is complete. I did my best, and forgot the rest, and I'm completely satisfied with my results thus far. If I've gone this far during this first round, I can't wait to see what I transform myself into during Round 2.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


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