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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 70 - Alitte R & R --> Recap & Re-think

10 WEEKS!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! I've gone strong for 10 weeks. It feels like only alittle while ago I was 25 lbs over-weight. You wouldn't have caught me dead outside without a T-shirt on. My self-image was shot.

Week 10 Photos

After coming off being sick for a week and trying to "Bring It", I think I look good.

While I'm not 100% of where I think I should be, it's almost night and day of what I use to look like 70 days ago. Now that it's been 70 days, it feels like a blink of an eye that I've been spending with P90X. Only acouple more chapters in this book of my First Round of P90X until the end. But I've come leaps and bounds of where I've been. Not only have I changed myself for the better, everything about my life has changed. My self-image/self-confidence has increased 10x fold which has helped out in my marriage. I'm now the new cook in the house.

People have come up to me and noticed my changes and say they are going to start up getting back in shape. I told them if I can do it, they can do it better.

The things that I've learned/learning from P90X are going to stay with me for a lifetime. P90X hasn't taught me how to workout, I already knew that. It's taught me how to make smarter decisions in and out of the kitchen. I'm eating healthier that I ever have in my life. At first, it wasn't easy. I had to make small choices in my eating habits, then those good choices become good habits, and after a bunch of small good habits, then it becomes a lifestyle. Now, I'm easily saying "NO" to double portion portions, No to the extra gravy, No to the calorie laden dessert, No to late night snacking or eating just for something to do.

It's taught me commitment by pushing play EVERY day. I made a promise to myself Day 1 of this program. Bring it each and every day. No matter what the time. Obviously there was week in there were I was sick as a dog. However, when I wasn't sick it didn't matter if it was 1pm or 1am. I pushed play. It didn't matter if I was on the road, in my room, or on vacation. I pushed play. At the end of the day, I can see and feel my rewards.

It's taught me humility, I still cannot keep up with the Kids when doing some pushups and pullups, but that's something I can work torwards. I'm not in a competition with anyone but myself. Sometimes competing with others or stressing ourselves to prove that we are better, can be a lot of fun and provide enjoyment and rewards. Friendly competition with friends, when all are participating with goodwill, is entertaining.

There is a downside in trying to win or achieve more just for the sake of feeling superior to another person. Just because someone does 30 pushups or 20 pullups doesn't mean that I have to do that many. If my arms are giving out at 12 or 15. Then I stop. Even though there are 15-20 more seconds on the clock, that doesn't mean to bust out 5-10 more. There's a point where over exerting yourself does your body more damage than doing what you can, and moving on. Do your best and forget the rest.

This week and chapter comes to a close with Stretch X. A good relaxing workout to end a great week.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,
I came across your blog the other day. I have just finished legs and back week 10. I wanted to say how great your blog is and how you have found the motivation to "push play" everyday. I work retail and at this time of year my schedule swings all over the place. But I made a commitment to myself to continue as hard as I could through the holiday season and "bring it" the best that I can. I'll check in periodically with you to see how its going with you. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Excellent work! Congrats! I'm set for starting P90x in January of 2008 (have to first recover from leg surgery) and look forward to testing it out.

Best wishes,


Unknown said...

Ok Nick, I am hooked! My husband and I will order and start the program. Reading your blog shows that hard work pays off. All the best to you and your family.
Sabrina, Miami,Florida

BRFOOT said...

Just came accross your blog via ACE. The pics look pretty dramatic you have to be happy with your results.

Allan said...


You are really doing great...

I was very sceptical about any fitness program and its claims, so I kept looking online and came across your blog. You seemed like a guy with a similar build and within a few years of me. B/C of your dramatic change I bought into P90X, I am now in week 4 and seeing some real positive results.

Congratulations and keep it going!!