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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day 78 - The Final Chapter of Round 1

Today, I am writing the final chapter of Round 1 of P90X.

I woke up this morning with my shoulder just slightly less sore than yesterday. This soreness is also in my upper left pectoral and lat muscle. My therapy sessions were ICE every hour for 20 minutes. This went on all yesterday and will continued all today until I tried Plyo tonight. Right off the bat, stretching game me the problems. Being that your shoulder muscles are also connected to the muscles in your arms, chest and back, every stretching move you do, in some way, makes use your shoulder muscles.

I finally had to stop about 10 minutes into the workout because of the aggravation on my shoulder. I don't know how to put in words how I felt as I sat there icing my shoulder. I felt highly aggravated, annoyed, sad, disappointed. I was mad that I was hurt; annoyed that I couldn't do the workouts; sad that I knew my shoulder needed more than acouple of days to get better; disappointed that I will not be able to finish or complete the rest of the week.

I don't know if I'm more disappointed with the fact that I won't finish my 90 days than the fact that my shoulder is hurt. I know that the injury was an accident and that there is nothing I can do about my situation. But it's just that I've come so far (in the program) to fall so short of the finish line. In comparion, it's training all session long for a big race, then twisting your ankle the day before a big race. Like studying for a huge final exam for months, and to fail by only 1 missed question. However, at the end of the day, I've come along way. I've come leaps and bounds of what I use to feel like, eat like, and LOOK like!!!! I've come farther in the past few 77 days than most people (myself included) in thier lifetimes. I've changed my life for the better and I have myself to thank for that. It was the dedication to the program and commitment to myself that I made each and every day of pushing play come high mountain or low valley that made me who I am now.

P90X, or specifically BeachBody, put together a program that puts everything a person needs to change themselves. They put together one of the best AT-HOME workout programs ever. It brings cardio, stretching, resistance training that hits every muscle in your body, Yoga to strengthen the inner-self as well as outside. It brings Plyometrics, Martial Arts, and some THE best support system for any training system with MillionDollarBody and W.O.W.Y. Those websites have become my second home. I've been people from around the U.S., as well a quite a few local Texans. We even get together once a month to do a P90X workout, plus it a great way to renew support, motivation, and dedication.

For the past 2.5 months I've changed. Changed on the inside as well as the outside. I've changed the way I eat; changed my self-esteem; changed the way I feel & look; changed my outlook on life; changed my thoughts & processes on the way I live my life.

Even though this final chapter in the book: P90X - Round 1 has ended. (Not completed, but ended) This by no means that the book is finished. Not by a long shot. I am taking the Christmas Holidays off to get my should back so that I can start P90X - Round 2 at the beginning of 2008. While, I might have fallen short of the finish line, I'm picking myself up and giving it my all until I cross it. Either First Place or Last Place. I still am going to finish it.

Until then, "Do your Best, and forget the rest!"


Anonymous said...

Hi there !

I also got a shoulder that got dislocated a couple of time in the past. I need a surgery...

Wich routine hurt your shoulder the most ? Cause i'll start P90x soon... I'm afraid to see my shoulder dislocated in a middle of a weight lifting, it can be fatal I think ! :(

Anonymous said...

Side Leaning Tricep Extensions... I had my elbow to far behind me.

Scott Holmes said...

Hey, don't get too down on yourself man. Like they say, "Do your best, and forget the rest!" After getting great results during my first round of P90X, I tried to do Doubles on my second round. But I got nailed by an illness right as I was going into week 6 (second week of the actual Double workouts). I was bummed, and like you tried to just gut it out and ignore the pain, and nearly wiped myself out. So instead, I was honest with myself, took a couple weeks off to get good and healthy, then started over. This time I'm knocking it out of the park. You can do it too, and so can anyone reading this.

Unknown said...

Im very sorry to hear about your shoulder. Im just at day 27 but doing great! You have a really a great blog and the worksheets are great..

thanks a lot and hope u get better soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick - you are my inspiration! I hope you are healing well and I look forward to our both completing round 2! I'm starting tomorrow. Best of luck to you.

ace said...

Hey great post as usual. I think your honesty with yourself and with the rest of us really helps to put things in their proper perspective.

I know what the injury you have is like. For me my dream of playing college basketball ended with a dislocated shoulder. And through the years doing triathlons I've had other injuries like a torn hamstring, chronic achilles tendonitis (in both feet), a severely sprained right wrist and shoulder, plus other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Each time it happened I felt like some goal or life mission was slipping away. But lately I've started to look at what I've learned from these injuries and the gifts I've been given because of them.

From the chronic shoulder dislocations I'm now able to write with both hands. In fact anything I can do right handed I can now do left handed as well. From the hamstring injury I am much more in tune with my body's physical limits and now know to respect them implicitly. From the achilles injuries I know "how" to run and because of this I run with much more ease. But I also now pay attention to my diet as some foods seem to cause inflamation in that area of my body. The wrist and shoulder were from a bike wreck where I just didn't feel like riding, but had a race coming up and did it anyway. I learned to always, always listen to the quiet voice inside your head that says, "stay home and rest today."

But the big thing is that every injury was an opportunity to learn more about myself and my body. Just like anything else be it school or business or relationships, we are the sum of our experiences. What we make of each experience and learn from it only makes us better people. I'm finding there is always a message for us in every illness or injury. The only question is are we willing to listen?

Train well and....

"Keep pushing play".

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog.
Big disappointment you could not finish. Does anyone?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a before and after picture where you have stuck to this for so long. My husband just ordered P90X today for us (he's in good shape, I've had 2 babies in 2 years and need something to kick my ass). Congrats on your job well done!

p90x said...

Im very sorry to hear about your shoulder. Im just at day 27 but doing great! You have a really a great blog and the worksheets are great..