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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 48 - Kenpo Kid: The Sequel

These pictures put a whole new meaning on Kenpo X for me. Since the starting of P90X, my son has loved to do Yoga and Kenpo with me. Before bed every night he asks if he can do yoga-kenpo. Well, a few days ago was Halloween, and guess what my son wanted to go as??? That's right!!!

Since there are no "kenpo" costumes, we found the next best thing. A Ninja Costume. It fits him perfect, and it is completely "him". He made the more perfect ninja. He is soooo smart too, he incorporated some yoga moves and made them his own "Ninja Moves". It was very hilarious and made me so proud. And being today is Kenpo for Me, I thought it was appropriate to post pictures of my little "Kenpo Ninja".


Kenpo today was great! I stayed with the gang like I always do. My balance has increased the past couple of weeks. I did all the combination kicks without letting my kicking foot re-touch the floor. I had my Kenpo Gloves on as usual, and got a great workout, as usual.

My left hamstring is/was still a little bit stiff yesterday's leg workout, so just as I did yesterday, I increased the cool down stretch time to have more time to do acouple more stretches on my legs. I never want to have to Frankenstein walk ever again. That week hurt.

I've noticed that with all the plyo, kenpo, core, and cardio that comes in this program, I've noticed that my knees are getting a bashing. They're starting to alittle pain in them from time to time. They crackle more than they use to, but it might be from me getting old. (hahah, I'm only 28). But it's starting to concern me; you see all these people that are in the old age and can't walk cause of knee problems. I don't want to have to chase my grandkids around in a scooter, or those walkers w/ the tennis balls on the legs cause I didn't take care of my knees.

I'm pushing my body pretty hard, and I think now it's starting to push back. I'm going to invest in some Glucosamine or the likes for my recovery week and phase III. It suppose to help the ligaments and joints.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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