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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 46 - Yoga

Nothing to end a long day of sitting and working than to stretch out and work my "inner" self.

I think today was my best Yoga workout (if you can call it a workout). Since the start of P90X, yoga put me in some painful and uncomfortable positions that I could barely even do. Each time, I became alittle more and more flexible, alittle bit more and more relaxed, and my inner body became stronger each and every time.

Today, all I did was BREATHE! I was the most relaxed during this workout than I've been. The positions just seem to lock into place. I didn't focus on my balance, it just happened. I didn't focus on my flexibility, it just happened. I didn't focus on the time, it just passed on by.

I think the key this time was that I turned off the volume to the DVD, and put in some meditation music. I've been through the workout enough to "kinda know" what's coming next, so I just used Tony's changes in form to queue me to change.

There were/are still some positions that I cannot do YET, and there are some moves I have to modify so that I take care of my left shoulder. Alot of those moves are the poses were the right hand is on the ground, and the left one is stretching up and back. Those positions put mine/your rotator cuff in the fully open position, and if my muscles are fatigued or weak or pushed to far, my shoulder has a susceptibility of popping out. Which is NOT on my list of things to do. So I just put my left arm on my side/hip and try to open up my chest as much as possible.

Also, it was just me in the room. No son running around, no dog, no TV on the background. No outside noise.

It was great.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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