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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 49 - Day of Cardio/Strech

Well, this day is the day of Rest for me according to "The Program."

But is resting Xtreme? No!!! So are we going to rest? No!!
What are we going to do? P90X!!

While I did want to take today easy, and let my body "cool down" from a hard week. I didn't want my last day of pre-recovery week Phase II to go out sitting. So I threw in some Cardio in the morning. It was a nice light workout that burned some calories and made my body feel fresh.

Today, it was family day. We went to church, went for a nice walk since the weather is great, and hung out with some friends for a nice bbq of chicken, vegtable kabobs and salad. It was great. Even though some had steak, potatoe salad, etc.. I didn't even blink. I didn't want to eat the "un-"healthy food. (Not that steak will EVER be unhealthy ;) ) It's that since doing this program, I've made new habits of making healthier decisions. I've made these choices over and over again to where now they're not choices, they're habits.

At the end of the day, I close this chapter of P90X with some X stretch. Stretching out all the troubles of the week, the soreness of muscles, the stress & tightness.

Just taking into account that my body is changing before my eyes to a physique that I haven't had in years and congratulate myself for making it this far in a program that is all about self-determination, self-motivation, and self-sacrifice.

Tomorrow is Recovery week and Count down to Day 60 Photo Results.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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