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Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 61 - These Legs were made for walking!

Before I get to the workout I'd like to say that I've lost my Day 1 photos. I can't find them anywhere on my computer. The crummy part is that the only place where I know there is a copy is the photo album that I created using HOWEVER, once you upload them that's it. You can't download them to back to the computer. EVEN IF THEY'RE YOURS!! So I'm looking for another photoalbum site.

So long story short, there won't me any Day 60/30/1 comparison photos because I can't find my day 1. I might throw up Day 60/30 comparison photos. Man, am I bummed.

Ok, now for the workout.

I'm starting to like my back days more and more. Ever since I busted out 7 pull ups and then 9 pullups during my fit test, I want to get my back muscles to where I can do just as many pullups as I can dumbbell curls. I don't know what happened but I'm liking working out my back more and more.

I used (again) 15# dumbbells during my leg exercises to intensify my legs. All-in-all another great workout at the gym at work. I have cardio later on tonight.

Keeping you up on my nutrition so far:
I've been keeping true to P90X meal plan during phase I & II. I've also become a MDB/WOWY member (million dollar body / Work out with You) and they give you access to a personalize meal plan that changes EVERY WEEK, unlike every month with the P90X provided nutritional book. I put in that I was doing P90X, when I started, my goals (weight loss/gain, etc) and a personalized meal plan was created for me. Giving me breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks EVERY DAY!!!

It also gives you 3 printable weekly grocery lists. Which is great! I can go to the store and buy for for 1, 2, or 3 weeks. Since my job is on a bi-weekly payment schdule, I can portion out my $$$ and food every two weeks, so I don't buy too much or too little

Another plus is that WOWY/MBD meal plan gives you the opportunity/choice of going even more personalized by allowing you to pick and choose the foods you want to eat (A.K.A. Tier I&II of Michi's Ladder) and it will create a schedule for you. Can you say AWESOME!!!!

So for Phase III, I am going to use the personalized meal plan that MDB made for me. The ONLY reason why I'm switching is that the meals are easier to prepare (especially since Phase III for me falls right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is alot of traveling) and it switches EVERY WEEK! The meal plan is still proportioned out via P90X specs.

I've been using the meal plan for about a week now and it's a nice change. I'm still going to add in old Phase I & II favorites.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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ace said...

There is a way for you to get your day 1 photos back. What you need to do is to view the photos outside of the slide show. When you pull up the link to the album at the top is a link that says "P90X - Week 1." Click on that to display your photos outside of the Slideshow Viewer. This takes you to the album of individual pictures. Underneath each picture is a link allowing the member (that would be you) to download the photos from the site.

Hope that helps you out. And I hope you get over your cold. If it is a pretty good one, you may want to consider just resting for a few days. That way you get over the cold faster. If you work out your body will be using the energy that it could to get over the cold to repair/build new muscle tissue making the cold last longer or perhaps make the cold worse. Just something I've learned from triathlon training. Your body only has so much energy to go around, splitting it between a cold and working out, and the rest of your life may not be the best long term strategy. Peace.