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Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 50 - Recovery Week Ooops

This week's entry's are going to be relatively short due to this week is a very busy week at work and at home. My company is getting ready to release a new version of our Oilwell Logging Software and this means lots of over-time, staying late at the office, trips to our test site facility in Austin, etc....

I will try to give as much detail about my trials and tribulations of P90X this week.

I've been trying to do the "Doubles" workout sequence of P90X since Phase II. I'm proud to say that I've actually kept up with it. At first it was tough, working out twice in one day was something I've never done before. To help with the weights and from taking time away from my family's time when I'm at home. I've started using the weight gym at my work during my lunch time. I think of it as that I'm getting paid to workout (even though it's my lunch hour). I work out, shower, eat, then back at my seat before the next meeting starts. It's AWESOME!! With working out during lunch time, that allows me to do Cardio at night when I get home.

Well, today is Day One of the Recovery Week for Phase II. Except that I forgot today was recovery week and I ended up doing Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. OOOPS!!!

Or is it? Even though I'm suppose to be in Recovery Week, and I'm suppose to be taking a break from resistance training. I'm glad that I made this mistake. I had a great workout. On some exercises I've even had to go up in weight or will have to go up in weight next time, because I was able to perform 15 perfect form reps, with the ability to do 16. At this point, it's time to up the weights. So I've noted on my workout sheets which ones I need more weights on and which ones I'm still going strong on. This is also another reason why working out at my work's gym is a plus, they have a full set of weights incrementing by 5 lbs.

I love Phase II!!!! Not only because of the new moves and fresh new workouts, it's the MENU!!!! Pita's, Burrito's, Pasta, CARBS!!!! This phase had some delicious recipes. My favorite was the grilled chicken burrito and the grilled chicken pita. I even spiced up my own life by combining the recipes: The cucumber from the pita, the cilantro from the burrito, etc.. to make my own NEW FAVORITE recipe. I could eat it everyday (well, maybe not).

With the addition of the carbs into my diet and the extra cardio workout. The carbs couldn't have come at a better time. I haven't had the "bonk" or "wall" in my workouts because I follow the P90X menu. I've even incorporated some of MDB's personal meal plan recipes to change it up some.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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