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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 62 - Kenpo X


Come on everyone, you know the song!! Kenpo X and I met again today. I had my hand weights, my rising sun head bandana (Mr. Miagi gave it to me), along with Tony and the Kids.

Not much on today's workout. Just like the rest. A kick-butt, sweat pumping, ninja kicking, karate punching good time.

I have to admit that I DID NOT want to workout today. I have 0% energy, 0% focus, 0% mind set yesterday and today when doing my workouts. I guess I'm getting into that holiday slump. Don't get me wrong, I'm seeing GREAT results, I have a great support team on MDB P90X Forum, but I've been feeling alittle stuffy in the head, and with long days at work it doesn't help.

SO... after talking it over w/ my friends on Texas P90X Warriors Forum in MDB, I've come up with 8 ways to keep you on target. If I've forgotten any, please give me a shout and I'll add them

1. Put your money where your muscle is.
A trainer still charges if you cancel without notice. Treat yourself the same way. Pay your wife, husband, or friend $5 if you miss a scheduled workout. Or take the opposite tack: Pay yourself for every session you make. Put the money in a fund for a set of some nice SelectTech Dumbbells.

2. Set a 10-minute rule.
Make a deal with yourself that even when you're dog tired, you'll push play for 10 minutes on your scheduled days. If after that ten minutes, your "bonking" stop. But if your like me, once your started, and already sweating, you might as well finish.

3. Track the benefits.
Keep a job-performance journal on the days you exercise and the days you don't. You'll find that you do more on the days you exercise, despite taking time out for your workout. Keep track of your weights and reps. You never know where you going, if you don't know where you've been. That's why I put together my Interactive P90X Workout Spreadsheet

4. Schedule your training.
Make appointments for exercise as you do for meetings. WOWY (Working out with You) has been an excellent tool for me to workout and keep a schedule. Also, you can work out with people from around the world. Having a workout buddy makes you credible to your workouts.

5. Cross off your workouts.
Mark an X on your calendar on the days you exercise. Researchers found that those who used this simple system of tracking workouts made more progress than those who didn't. Which is a perk added to the Interactive workout Spreadsheet

6. Ask your wife to join you.
You'll follow an exercise program better if you work out with your spouse. Nearly half of men who exercise alone quit their programs after 1 year, but two-thirds of those who exercise with their partners stick it out. Or so they say.

7. Set specific goals.
Research shows that people who set goals that are too general ("I want to get in shape") typically don't achieve them. Make specific, challenging, yet realistic goals. And set a deadline. WOWY allows you to set weekly/monthly goals which you see every time you log in.

8. Switch it up.
This is where P90X shines brighter than the sun. It's all about change. There is always something new. With the muscle confusion schedule that P90X has, there is never a dull moment. Even the moves themselves can be "modified" to increase/decrease the intensity per your fitness level.

Hopefully, I've gotten them all.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play


Anonymous said...

I just started doing P90X about a week ago and found this site through a google search. I just wanted to comment on your progress spreadsheet it is amazing! I love it!! Thanks for taking the time out to make it as well as for sharing it :)

Anonymous said...

for me kenpo x is one of the less challenging exercises ( probably due to my years of training in shotokan karate). But i was wondering if anyone knew a way for me to increase my challenge other than just going faster than the rest of the people on the dvd

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, keep reading my posts. I spiced it up my holding 3-5# weights. That's one way. I also did different kicks. Instead of front snap kicks, I did jumping switch kicks. When doing the inside/outside kicks over the air. I spiced it up by doing doing all with in one jump. (MINUS THE CHAIR OF COURSE)..

You get the idea.