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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 7 - X Stretch

Today, I hurt myself. I subluxated my left shoulder goofing off. It's been an ongoing shoulder problem of mine since my gymnastic years in high school. Since then, I've dislocated my left shoulder 4-5 times and subluxated it about the same number of times throughout my college athletic years. Today, I guess my shoulder was just weak from the week long workouts and I just put my shoulder in that weird position where it "popped" out. Fortunately, I'm was able to get it back in.

X-stretch was today, which was HIGHLY needed. A combination of Yoga X and all the stretching done pre-workout of the other days. With my shoulder still alittle tender from this mornings accident, it was really nice to have a entire day devoted to stretching out all the kinks in my body from the weeks constant pounding. Since day 1, with all the stretching done pre-/post- workouts, I've notice that my flexibility has increased. I can go down farther (maybe another inch or so) down to the floor. After, I felt great. I was completely stretched out and relaxed. A great way to finish up Week 1. I don't know how extreme I'll be next week w/ my shoulder alittle tender, but I'm going to try my best.

I'm going to possibly try to add some cardio during next week to help boost the fat burning. Maybe a med-high intensity 25-30 minute jog during my lunch break. Also, since my shoulder is alittle tender, I'll probably add some rotator-cuff exercises to help strengthen them back up.

One down..... 12 more to go!!!! "BRING IT!!!"

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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