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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 6 - Kenpo X

GOOD LORD that was fun!!!! I don't think I have to say that it anymore that these routines are non-stop intense, since I say it every day. But, I was actually getting into the "Power yells". Coming from a martial art back-ground (Tracy System Kenpo, Kenjutsu, & Kuk Sool Won) I was ready and excited about this workout. It gave me a chance to put my balance, kicking, and punching skills to the test.

The first 10-15 minutes is devoted to stretching. I'm thinking on a 60 minute routine, if 20 minutes is spent stretching, that only leaves a small amount of time to "Bring It". I was So, So, So, So wrong. From that moment on, I ate my words. Just when you feel comfortable with one exercise, Tony throws you a curve ball with another move that makes your body switch the way it holds itself, the muscles used, the position and way they move.

Being I use to do these kicks and punch sequences for years, I had the movement and technique down. So I went X-treme, I did kicking combinations. I set my own pace, instead of single high kicks, I did a combination of Low-High. Or multiple kicks w/ out putting my foot down, working on my balance. When the going got tough, I kept my pace by going back to my plyometrics chant of "Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better."

This is a great workout, my shirt was completely drenched and stuck to me at the end of the workout. I tried to keep my heart rate "In the Zone". For me it's around 165-175 bps. This workout kept it there!!! Can't wait till next week when I do Kenpo X again.

Until then, I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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