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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 11 - Popeye has nothin on me!!

This day is by far my most favorite day. Working out the money makers. This week, I'm still on a "BUST IT!" mentality. Meaning, I want to bust my #'s of last week. "Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better" doesn't come from just "Bringing It!". You got to smash through barriers and push yourself to new levels. I believe that I've done that again today. I'm still pleased that I'm still feeling Chest & Back two days ago. I feel stronger, faster. I have more confidence, even though it's just in my own little Nick's World.

I started out with the green band again, but after the first set I was tired of trying to get the "perfect loop" in the band to get me struggling on 12-15. But I was still fighting with the loop size by the time Tony and the others were half way done. So I busted out the free weights. I'm glad I did. I slapped on the weight to give me 20# dumbbells and OH YEAH! the difference I needed. Only on one or two did I go back to the band, but I'm done with that thing for now.

Today's workout was AWESOME!!! Got that after workout pump that I didn't get last week. If you take a look at my spreadsheet, you'll notice that I busted last weeks numbers, with good form and execution. So I'm pretty stoked about that. Plus, my left shoulder didn't give me any problems.
As a little side note:
Today, I just happened to be working out when my 2 yr old son came out to the living room. He asked "What you doing Daddy?" After I told him working out, he said "I work out too." He proceeded to pick up the green bands, which he saw me us and push them above his head. He would mimic me during every excersice. Every little grunt, foot placement. He even got a drink out of his sippy cup when I took my water break. High Fives happened after every set. He even did ARX w/ me. Of course it was as alot of just laying there watching me, but he kept saying: "Good work Daddy".

I'd like to also add that he LOVES the Recoery drink. :) Now if a 2 year old, finicky eating, son likes the recovery drink.. YOU KNOW IT TASTES GOOD!!

I loved every minute of this workout. I got myself in shape, and I had my biggest supporter and motivator right next to me!

I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't start using that recovery formula till the end of last week, and I can tell a difference when I do and do not take it. I'm not as "tired" after and the next day. Plus, it's freakin tasty. Like a orange creamsicle or orange-julius.

Goals for today:
Stick to the meal plan: DONE --> 90%
Bust It! during this workout: DONE

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play. BUST IT!!!

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