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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 9 - "Back" in Action

Woke up today excited about working out again! I think I'm getting alittle TOO excited about P90X. It's the last thing I think about (besides my wife and son) before I fall asleep, and the first thing I think about when I wake up.

Being that this is the start of week 2, I wanted to see where I stood w/ my reps/weigths compared to last week.. I want to BEAT, no not just match, BEAT last weeks #'s.

I couldn't wait to start it today to see how my shoulder would hold up, and I'm happy that it didn't give me any problems during the routine. My left side was alittle tighter, but that was about it.

MAN, WHAT A WORKOUT!! I'm definitely feeling the pump this time. I went all out, balls to the wall, didn't stop till my body couldn't push or pull another time. As you can see from my daily updated spreadsheet, I pretty much met or exceeded my Week 1 numbers. I used some pushup bars that I had stashed in a closet. Definetly worth purchasing!! It takes the pressure off my wrists, and gave me another 5-6 inches to go further down, getting that deep stretch. I focused more on the technique than just blasting out as many as I could. On pull ups, I'm still using the chair method, but I place it to where I can just use my toes and ball of my foot to give me help. I'm am 100% satisfied with my results and efforts today on Chest&Back. I gave Tony and the Kids 100% effort on this one. I didn't use my shoulder as an excuse to not push myself, or letting myself stop a few reps short.

The first time I did Ab Ripper X, it practically kill me by ripping my stomach in two. And as for an update on how I'm holding up today........... It's still practically killing me :). But I'm pushing through. I can kinda see my top two ab muscles coming back (BARELY THOUGH). I can't say enough about this. I'm more confident working out at home where I can scream, cry, and yell at Tony on how much I hate him.

I have plyo tomorrow. Another day I love to hate.

Goals for today:
Stick to the Meals: Done
110% on todays workout: Done
Week 2 Pics: Taken, but not published yet.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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