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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 13 - Legs

Another day of Legs over. It's unbelievable how fast week 2 has flown. I just have tomorrow to do Kenpo X and it'll be time to start week 3. WOW!!!

I feel my legs getting stronger and more flexible by the day. Today I was able to do down farther in my stretches than I was during week 1. But the highlight of the day has to go to...... WALL SQUATS!!! Week 1 practically ripped my legs a new one. But this week, I conquered wall squats rather than them conquering me. I gave it my all and tried going X-treme on holding all the positions till the timer ended.

Also this time around, I tried to "BUST IT!" by adding some weights on the legs when Tony suggested it. Since I already had 20# D.B.'s made up, that's what I used. WOW!!! That opened a whole new can of pain. But it was a good weight, nothing over bearing. My pull ups are still my weak link to my body. Today, I tried to do as many on my own before using the chair. I was able to pull out 1-2 pullups of my own body weight. Not bad.. But not good either.. Next week, my goal is 3 pull ups (every position) on my own before the chair.

ARX also came and went, skipping right to it after leg stretching. I tried to keep up with the guy on the right side of the screen again. Once again I tried, and once again he left me in the dust, but I'm thinking baby steps. I feel my abs getting stronger, and more toned. But I HAVE to get rid of this layer of fat around my stomach and back. I'm going to continue doing some cardio (2x-3x) next week to help aid in the fat burning process.

Today, I had to do another mixing up of the meal plan due to lack of meal ingredients. This plan blazes through groceries like no ones business. Well, maybe it's because it takes fresh ingredients and you have to buy them every week cause by the end of the week, they're no good. I'm still going to stick to the meal plans cause that's the commitment I made at the beginning.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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