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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 2 - "Pyro"-metrics

This morning I woke up and even though alittle sore. Of course, who wouldn't be after not working out for several months. I just wanted to say that I feel great. I know that I'm getting myself back in shape. I know that I'm making myself and my body healthier. I know that whatever Tony puts me through is going to get me results. I wake up ready to start the meal plan and get through the day so that I can come home and work out.

ok, Another amazing workout and day DONE! Today was Plyometrics. I'll rewind and take you back before I pressed play:

I am still sore in the chest and back from yesterday's brutal workout. But this is exactly where I need to be and what I need to be doing. I thought to myself: "Today HAS to be better than yesterday, all I have to do is just jump around. I have some strong legs and I have some good jump height already."

Then, I loaded the Plyometrics DVD in the player, and pressed play.

During the warmup, Tony states that this is the “mother of all the workouts” and "The Beast!" and this is the X in P90X. Then something popped in my mind: The mother? The Beast!

Are you kidding me? Seriously, what was yesterday? A walk in the park w/ fifi the poodle? I’m not ready for "the mother", or ANYTHING nicknamed "The Beast." But, I'm ready and committed to this program 110%. I'm going to finish this one if it kills me. Just an hour of jumping.

THE PAIN! THE BURNING! Make it Stop Please!! 10 minutes into the workout and my legs are on FIRE! Looking over at the clock. Oh yeah, 45 MORE minutes to go. But if they can do it, I can do it. (I hope).

30 minutes into the workout, I’m dying! The sweat is coming non stop. I'm thinking to myself: "I want to go home! This is killer." But then I looked around. I couldn't go home cause I was already there. AAAAGH!! The legs are becoming non-responsive (hahahaha). But I'm going to admit this right now. The water breaks that are 30sec to 1min long.... I hit the pause button. The pause button was my friend throughout this workout. But only on the water breaks. On occasion, they would say their heart rate, Tony's saying "Oh, I got my heart rate up to 120, I better get going." HA, you've got to be kidding me! I got him beat by a long shot, mine was around 170. My heart was pounding so hard, I felt my entire neck and head throb w/ every pulse of my heart.

Throughout this routine, I'm loving it. Tony's come up with out-of-this-world jumping exercises that hit my legs at every angle. True, my legs feel like I'm getting stuck w/ hot pokers. But It's going to make me stronger, faster, better. No Pain, No Gain. Sometimes, I had to do the "modified" version of the jump, but this time I NEVER stopped. I blasted till the end of each time sequence. Each jump, I chanted: "Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Better."

Well, I made it through Plyo today. I'm extremely proud of myself that I didn't give up, and that even if I couldn't get more than 2" off the ground at time, or even if I did the modified version. I kept with it till the end. 2 days down, 88 more to go. Once again, I met my goal of sticking to the nutrition plan and giving 100% to the workout. I'm DEFINITELY going to feel this tomorrow. No doubt. But I'm better off today than I was before P90X.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

TIP: Don't Close your eyes, Stay Focused at the TV. If you close your eyes, all you senses heighten. ESPECIALLY your TOUCH sensors and (at least for me) it all seemed to focus on my legs making them hurt more. Oh yeah, Don't think of trying to go that "Happy Place". In Plyometrics, there is no "Happy Place."


SuccessWarrior said...

I love that. There is no happy place. I've tried during the marches to go to my happy place and make it all go away.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! I just ordered P90X last week and am dying for it to arrive, your blog gets me pumped up to start it myself...

Carolyn said...

Hey. I'm sooooooo scared for when I start the Classic Program. I currently 1 month into the Lean Program.