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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fit Test (Pre Day 1)

Well, Today is the first day before Day 1. I just finished the "Fit Test" that I have to pass before going on to P90X. Below are the start #'s to use as a base line for when I perform the fit test on Day 90.

Resting Heart Rate: 65
1. Pull Ups: 3 -- I am totally embarrassed on this one. Wide-Grip.
2. Jump Height: 20" (Start: 89" Jump: 109")
3. Push Ups: 30 - This was hard as I had a dog and my son crawling on me at the time. :)
4. Toe Touch: -1"
5. Wall Squat: 1:48 -- This again, I am embarrassed by. My legs were shaking like jello. haha
6. Bicep Curl: 19 using perfect form w/ 20# DB's. Since I want to have a weight were I max out around ~12. I'm going to try to go to 25#. But for the first arm workout, I'm sticking w/ 20's.
7. Ab Test: 55 till it hurt too much.. I wasn't sure on the "form" of doing these. So I was in a V position. Hope this was right.
8. Heart Rate Maximizer:
Immediately After: 179
1 Minute Rest: 146
2 Minute Rest: 130
3 Minute Rest: 126
4 Minute Rest: 108

Well, It's off to the store to get all the groceries to make the food for this week. I'm taking Animal Pak mulitvitamins for 1) They are CHEAPER than the P90X, 2) They have ever ingredient and amount as the P90X and more. The only drawback is that instead of taking 6 pills a day, the animal pak has 11 pills. I don't know about sucking down 11 pills 2x a day. I think that once these are gone, I'm just going to get the P90X pills.

But I've PASSED the first stage of my transformation. Tomorrow is going to be the real test because I'm going to still the food plan 100% and give 110% to the P90X system. Wish me luck.

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