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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 45 - Rubberband Man

Back and Biceps was today. It was just me, my green band, and my hotel room. I was skeptical at first on if I could use only my green band and get a full Bicep and Back workout.

Since I didn't have a door attachment for my bands I followed one of my MDB (Million Dollar Body) forum buddies advice about putting the band in a open door hinge. I wrapped my band w/ a hand towel so that the hinge or door wouldn't cut or pinch my band. I knew that the band would/can either be too much or too little. In this weird and awkward door hinge time. It was just enough. I did the ISO hold move on every rep, and just did as many in the time alloted for the pull ups. So instead of doing 8-10 or 12-15. I did 16-20. I'm impressed. Got the burn that I'll definitely feel tomorrow.

I have to say that with only one band and a door I got quite a good workout. While I still fancy the chin-up bar, the band is a great alternative. However, after using it during the first part of Phase I and now exclusively during this week, I would highly recommend if a person were going to strictly use just the band to get a complete set. Sometimes the green band wasn't enough, sometimes it was WAY TOO MUCH! So the B-line package of bands would do the trick. Especially if one was to travel alot. Also, get the door attachment. Right now, I've had to use the "door hinge" method to do my exercises.

I, however, would rather use DB's over the bands. Since the "weight"/tension on the bands are never constant, I don't know exactly what I'm lifting. And with me having an engineer mind, I like concrete numbers. I like it when I see one week, I lifted 20#, the next week 25#. W/ the bands, all I can go off of is the # of reps or the size of the loop in the band.Don't get me wrong, I still get a great workout w/ the bands, but I'm a DB man. If you need to get more weights, depending on how much more weight you need, you might want to look into some "Selectable" weights. You know.. those dial-o-matic DB's. Of course there are the SelecTech by bowflex, which are the 5-25, 5-52, and the 10-90. $$$$$, but there are some cheaper ones around town. I know Rebook makes some that 5-25# for about $50/DB. I saw some at Target that went from 5-25 but they were around $60/DB.

I would like to also add that I've had to eat out for lunch and dinner and I've done really well. While everyone is getting steak, loaded mashed potatoes, sugar and fat loaded desserts, hamburgers and fries... I'm getting grilled chicken, salmon, rice pilaf, sweet potatoes, vegetables, grilled chicken salad. I'm not saying I'm been a saint, a few indulgences like lobster tail, or ordering raspberry lemonade instead of water.

So even though if someone is away from the P90X meal plan, or out with their friends, etc.. You CAN stick to your guns and eat healthy. It's not a matter of "Oh, I'll just eat unhealthy this once." Because that once will turn into twice, then thrice.. Then, your off your diet and the whole world falls apart (joking).

It's a choice. If you can't change the little things like holding out on dessert, getting the right size portions, feeding your body the right fuel. Don't expect any type of gains or losses that you want.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


ace said...

Dude! I saw your week 7 photos!!! They absolutely rock! You should totally send them to the folks at Beach Body. Keep pushing play!

Anonymous said...

Keep pushing play - think of what will happen in another 30 days!!!