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Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 57 - Chest & Back Reunion


In addition, it's also a reunion with my old Phase I favorite Chest & Back. One thing I love about this workout is that I get a great workout in my chest. Before "in the old days", I do chest workouts, but afterwards I'd feel it more in my biceps and triceps than I did in my pecs. NOT THIS WORKOUT!!! This programs uses the best pushups combination to hit every angle in my chest and targeted to where I definitely feel it the next day. And I KNOW I'll feel it tomorrow after the workout I just had.

Another great about this workout is that you use your own body weight 95% of the time. Only 3 exercises do you use free weights. I was in the gym, huffin and puffin and sweatin using only a 6ft x 6ft area and my own body weight. Of course there were other guys in the gym on the bench press, leg squat machine, etc.. looking at me doing my pushups and pull ups.

But I kid you not, my arm, shoulder, and chest muscles were popping and looking ripped just as much (probably more) than theirs. Funny thing is that I noticed two guys, look over at me after I got done doing Hindu pushups, then look at their arms in the mirror, then back at me and give one of those appreciative head nods of acknowledgement. One of them even came over asking what program I'm on. I told him PHASE III of P90X!!

The response I got back:

"WOW! I've seen that infomercial for it, but I thought it was bull. After seeing what you have to do, I'm convinced it's not."


However, something happened today that made it all worth it. All the pain that Tony has put me through, pushing play every single night, changing my nutritional intake COMPLETELY, putting up with the great tasting recovery drink, keeping track of my weights, signing in every workout in WOWY, this list could go on and on and on......


I cannot believe it. Just a mear 8 weeks ago I could barely, barely do 3 regular pull ups and not a single wide grip pull up to save my life. The first pullup move: Wide Front Pullups. I've always had to use a chair. You know how many I pulled before even having to think of going to the chair????? 5

That's right 5... F.I.V.E....... The big 5.0

Holy Smokes. I was able to pull 5 pullups of my OWN body weight without the help of the chair. Of course, after that five, I put my foot on the chair and maxed out, but MAN!!! This was a GREAT start to an awesome workout. Looking at the rest of the rep/weight count on my workout sheets I was able to do at least 2x more "unassisted" pullups that I did in phase I.

If this is all I got out of doing P90X, along with this new great looking body, and TODAY as Day 90. I'd be happy. The great thing is that today isn't day 90, it's day 57. Which means I still have 33 MORE days of this!!!!


Countdown till Progress Reports (& Pics): 3 DAYS


I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


Greg said...

WOW! I love this blog! Great results! Awesome pix.... very inspiring!!!

Unknown said...

Hey man. I caught your link from Brian's site and thought I might as well check it out.

Looks like you've got things well in hand though and you hardly need our encouragement. :)

Congrats on the pull-ups. I too have managed to double my pull-up least towards the beginning of the workout. ;)

I'm getting ready for "phase 2" myself but I've been doing my own modified version of the program since I need to gain rather than lose weight. Believe me, depending on body type, this can be just as difficult sometimes!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great work dude! Love the site. Want to leave you mine. I'm on Day 50 today so we are pretty close.

p90xer said...

Hey, are you guys all doing the p90x classic version or is anyone doing the lean or doubles version? I am currently on the Yoga day today in my 3rd week and I wish I were seeing more results even though I can feel myself getting stronger. I feel that I might need extra cardio to get that definition that I'm looking for or does it basically all of a sudden hit one day? Does anyone think extra cardio is a bad idea or counterproductive?

Nicholas Davaul said...
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Nicholas Davaul said...

p90xer... I did Doubles during Phase II. I wasn't seeing the body fat losses that I wanted to in Phase I. Doubles helped kick my body into fat burning mode. I don't know if it was the extra cardio or the new workouts or the new meal plan or the combination of all of them. But I lost more fat weight w/ doubles. I will continue using cardio in Phase III.

p90xer said...

Great. That's just the answer I was looking for. Is the Cardio X workout actually productive? I imagine since all the other ones are, that Cardio X would be as well. I think I'll start doubles in phase II as well and hopefully see great results.

ace said...

Yeah, I was at about the same point when I realized, "Hey I just did 8 pullups and no chair..." I think I could do 2 when I started. It feels great. Keep up the good work!!!