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Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 64 - Chest, Shoulders, Tri's---Oh My!

Well, I'd like to first say that I'm back to my old self again. Old self in way of pre-cold. I was actually looking forward today to Chest, Shoulders, & Tri's. This is one of my favorite workouts.

As I said in the past post, last week "didn't happen." Nope, Nada, No Way. I went 9 straight weeks without any major hitches to working out. I was staying focused and pushed play practically everyday. Since Phase II, I've almost been pressing play 2x a day. However, with me being sick last week and the thanksgiving holidays where I'd be traveling to visit family, friends, and the in-laws. I decided to let my body get back in better health before going back to X-treme workouts. So once again, last week of me not working out didn't happen. I'm picking up right where I left off. Week 10

And today marks the beginning of Week 10. After being off for acouple of days being sick, I knew that I wasn't going to come in today and throw up some awesome rep/weight numbers. With my worksheets in tow, I was off to workout during my lunch break.

Today's workout was pretty good. I took a little longer than my usual hour workout, but I went at a consistent pace to get the burn on the last three and transition to the next exercise with just enough down time to make the workout flow.

I tried to stay as intense as I could during this workout. While I didn't feel like I was back at day 1, it felt more like day 30. I had a number in my head (usually the number that I pushed the last week in Phase II) and aimed for that. I was going to hit that number no matter what. If it was 30, then I did 30, if it was 10, then I did 10. Sure, sometimes I took alittle intermittent pause at rep 15 & 25, but I got it done. I didn't quit. I gave it my best effort with my best form.

And as Tony says: Do your best... And forget the rest.

I can't believe I'm in week 10 already. At first, the weeks seems so long, then gradually phase II seemed to be here and gone. Now, each week feels more like a day they're so fast. Only 2 more weeks left (not counting this week) till my P90X journey is over.

However, even though this chapter of P90X will close, this is in no way means the book is finished. This is just the beginning, just round #1. With the way P90X is set up with the different ways to modify, to intensify, there is no way to burn out on P90X. P90X could be done several times over and it never get old. In addition, from what I've been reading and hearing, beachbody is coming out with P90X+. 5 new dvd's (supposedly out at/around Christmas) that take the already insane P90X to a whole new turbo charged level. With P90X and the addition/mixing of P90X+. You'll never get bored, never be under-challenged, and probably never have to step into a gym again.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I have a P90X blog and just started week 6

I would really like your advice because I would love to have the results you have had thus far.

I can tell I am losing fat and gaining muscle but not nearly at the rate I would like.

It seems for me that I will take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

My ultimate goal is to shred fat while retaining muscle for awhile.

I notice that when I eat around 1800 calories and very low GI foods this tends to happen, but if I eat too many calories of low GI foods or eat medium to high GI foods I am messed up and struggle to lose.

Is there any advice you could give me and what do you do?

My aim is smokinranger8, email and you already have my blog.

I would really like your input.

Thanks a lot,

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