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Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 1 - Armageddon

Well, I've officially finished Day 1. And to sum it all up I'd have to say that it was RIDICULOUSLY INTENSE!! It was AWESOME!

I hit both of my goals today. First goal was to stick to the meal plan. To save time in the morning, I'm making my lunches and snacks for the day the night before! Breakfast was tasty and delicious. I was first intimidated by the amount of food that I was going to eat for the day. But when I sat down and tallied all the calories, protein, carbs, fat; it was the daily intake that I'm "suppose" to be eating. Along w/ constantly hydrating throughout the day, and sucking down the Animal Pak vitamins, I did notice that I wasn't as "sluggish" and had more energy throughout the day.

P90X did a great job on the nutritional plan. The recipes are easy to make (some have more ingredients than others, but that's about it), and they taste great! Since I have something new everyday, I'm going to be cooking for myself more in the next 90 days than I probably have my entire life! (No Joke!) If things keep tasting the way they do, it's going to be no problem keeping to the meal plan. 110% Commitment.
Ok, Now for the workout.
Today was Chest & Back. I was ready for anything. I had my weights, I had my P90X Chin-Up bar (Which is a MUST!, this chin-up bar is great construction, sturdy and lets me hit EVERY possible hand position), towel and bottle of water, and my P90X workout sheets to write down my reps/weights.
I've read on the discussion boards about the intensity of these videos.
And as I pressed play I thought to myself:
"How hard could it be?," "I'm not going to have that much trouble." "I can handle 1 hour."

OH MY GOD! I was dead wrong. That literally kicked my tail. As I was pushing and pulling, I don't think I've made those types of grunting noises before. This was only 10 minutes into the workout (not including the stretching part). My wife came out in the living room to see why I'm making this weird noises, and to snicker. After about 5 minutes of watching, she knew X-actly why. I looked over at the time bar and almost cried. "I HAVE 30 MORE MINUTES?" Of course, while the guys/girls on the screen where doing 30, I was doing a mere 12-15, sometimes only six or eight. But that didn't bother me. I used Tony's motivation to keep me going. I had a number in my head and I stuck to it. I went till my body couldn't go any farther. Then I knew I gave 110%. This video pushes you relentlessly, first you pull, then you push, thne you pull again, then push. Then, the all cherished 40 sec water break. Then BAM! right back into it without skipping a beat going through a whole barrage of exercises. OH YEAH!, THAT WAS ONLY ROUND 1, there is still a second round. But I made it through. I didn't stop, and I didn't quit! At the end there is a cool down, but for me, my "cool down"was more of a "try and not throw-up."

Tony stressed to have a goal, a number of reps, in mind. I had a number and I stuck with it, even if after the first one, my body gave out, I'd do what I could to keep great form and HIT MY NUMBER, even if the push ups went down only 3 inches, or I used my foot during pull-ups.


The name says it all. I've down almost every type of sit up (I THOUGHT), until I did this video. Just like the Chest&Back routine, this routine it just as brutal (in a GOOD way.) I loved every minute of it; Yelling "GIVE ME MORE" as my abs burned as if on fire. This routine is only 15 minutes long, but it felt like 30. It was great, and I can't wait to do it again. My favorite exercises they did was the Curl-up/V-up.

I have found THE workout for me. Tony Horton is unbelievable and so is P90X. Usually workout out in the gym, or by myself, I find that I "fudge" here and there on weight and rep. But with his motivation, doing the excersices w/ me and the guys/girls in the back pumping them out. It makes me want to stay focused and work harder. No wonder people get outrageous results. I can't wait for day 90!! Then, it'll be time to do it all over again!

In closing, I meet my goals of sticking to the meal Plan, and I finished Day One. I'm going to sleep really well tonight.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


SuccessWarrior said...


I love the motivation.

I have finished 66 days and I absolutely love this program. This is the best exercise program that I have ever tried. I still can't do it all and that's part of the fun. I'm challenged every single day to do better.

Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting P90X and your blog is giving me lots of motivation!!
LETS BRING IT!! (well for me)
and good luck with round 2!! =D

Eastwood said...

I just started P90X and like you I thought "how hard can this be". I wound up exhausted, and when I thought it was over - ab ripper kicked my butt even more. My wife said to me that I looked like I ran a marathon when I was done. This is definately amazing. Thanks for posting the daily blog as it's definately motivational to hear that others couldn't keep up with Tony at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have seen the results from your "Fit Test" which is recommended you take before starting an extreme fitness program like P90X

Brad said...

I am from Michigan and always tried to stay in shape by either lifting, playing ball, swimming, whatever. I then turned lazy and found myself eating a horrible diet. I am 33 years old and bought a boat and cannot go out to the lake with a beer belly. Yesterday 3/31/09 was my first day and my chest, back and arms are feelin it. I wish I had the detailed diet for this program. This is onw area I am not good in is choosing the rite foods, portions, etc... Can't wait to say I am on day 30, 60 & 90.

Mr. J said...

My girlfriend and I started P90x yesterday and did Day 1. Needless to say, we are both pretty tight. We are so motivated to eat right and also to complete the workouts. Can't wait to get to today's workout!