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Monday, October 1, 2007

Day 15 - Pull-up Power - Week 3 pics up!!



I love this workout. Even though my pull-ups aren't the greatest, I'm getting better and better each week. Last week, I had to use the chair on all of them. NOW!, I can pump out 1-2 by myself before using the chair. I think I've been doing the pull ups wrong this entire time until today. Usually I'd do a pull up until my forehead/eyes were level with the bar. WRONG! It wasn't until my wife mentioned how mine look different than Tony on the TV (my pullup bar is where I can't see the TV when I do them). So I looked and sure enough they went to chin or neck level.

MAN-O-MAN-A-CHEVY!! HUGE Difference. Obviously it was harder, but it's the correct way and I sure did feel it. I thought I stumbled onto gold, but it was just doing it w/ correct form.

Today's workout was a GREAT way to start out week 3. Once again, I busted last weeks numbers. Some by 5+, some only by 1+. But slow and steady wins the race. I focused all my energy and strength when doing the pull ups, and pulled a few w/ no chair. YEESSS!!!! I found a D.B. weight that makes it rough and tough on rep 12-15. And when I thought I couldn't do anymore diamond or divebombers. I took a small break, and pumped 1 or 1/2 more. I was going to continue till my muscles wouldn't let me. Tony says people stop way to early. I wasn't going to let that statement apply to me

I have that afterwork out pump!!! I feel it all along my chest and upper back. This is my favorite workout and I can see (rep/weight) that I'm getting stronger.

The meal plan is getting old, and the wife has commented on the $$$ spent each week on the food. Hopefully, I've boughten everything I need to last me 2 more weeks. I want to stick to this meal plan 100%, but when $$ is tight, what can you do?? If push comes to shove I'll try to incorporate Michi's Ladder.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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