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Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 43 - Hard Rock Hotel

Today is the first day that I am taking P90X on the road. I'm going to see how well I can take the P90X DVDs, workout book, and the green workout band that came w/ P90X, and put to rest the excuse of not being able to stay true to the a workout program and skipping workouts just because you have to go out of town for whatever reason: work or pleasure.

When I checked in last night, the first place I went to was what they considered their "workout gym". I was highly displeased that it was nothing more than a small room with 2 treadmills and a StairMaster. So problem #1 is: What am I going to about chin-ups. There was nothing that I could use to attach my band since I did not have the door attachment for the bands. But I will try to fix the problem by the time I have to do Back& Biceps.

The first workout of Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps went fairly well. I had to rearrange some furniture inside my room, but after that I had just an adequate amount of space to do all the exercises. However, Problem #2 showed it's ugly face: The green band is pretty stout and pose a problem of doing most of the shoulder exercises.

To fix this problem, I had to do a "Karate Kid" pose, by placing the band on a chair and then stepping on it with one foot to minimize the distance between my shoulders and the band under my foot. This not only worked my shoulders, but turned out to be a Core balance posture as well. The exercises that needed this Karate Pose were: Scarecrow, Weighted Circles, Fly-Row Press, and Cross Body Blows. All the other moves my feet were placed firmly on the ground.

I'll said it for the past three weeks: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps is my FAVORITE workout. Coupled w/ Back and Biceps. It's the ulimate WHAM-BLAM-THANK YOU-MA'AM upper body workout. I like it better than the mix in Phase I.

Ab Ripper X isn't getting any easier either, but I'm able to go farther into the reps before having to take a few seconds of break time before finishing the 25. Today I was able to get through ALL of the moves WITHOUT stopping. That was my goal. No matter how much it burned, how much it hurt, I would keep going. Alittle mind over matter.

It was ALOT easier for me to focus on how many reps
I had left than how many more I had to do. I dunno, I like it when
I had 5 left, 4 left, 3, 2, 1. Than saying 19,20, 21.
More like "Backwards Mentality" BUT IT WORKS!!!
I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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