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Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 40 - The Frankenstein Walk

Today I tried the "Doubles" regimen of P90X by working out at the gym at work. Once again, I'm really liking it. I'm able to use a wide assortment of weights, mirrors, and benches. I can believe that I didn't think of doing this while I was in Phase I. But, the flip side to working out all the time at the gym is that I would not have gotten the use of the DVD's.--> I'll speak more on that later.

With my printouts in hand, I started bringing it to my legs. MAN, did I work them out. On all the exercises I used 20# DB's that 1)weren't pullups and 2)Had the "Add more weight" under the Intensify note. This weight gave me that burn that Tony wants us to have on the last 3 reps.

I can feel a huge difference in the way my muscles reacts and feels when I switch through exercises without having to waist 20-30 seconds using my old twist lock DB's. Since it's more of a circuit training, they feel like they are always "engaged" since they do not have time to "rest and relax". I felt like I was able to be a better workout on my legs by constantly blasting them through the different exercises. I was feeling the burn alot earlier in my reps that I did during week 4. Also, maybe because I didn't do Legs & Back in week 5, they had alittle TOO much rest time.

Cardio tonight was great! I HATE (and hate is a strong word) to do cardio. Jumping on a treadmill and just run for 20-30-40 minutes is not what I call a fun time. But throw me some basketball, martial arts, couple hours at the dance club. YEAH!! That's what I'm talking about. With all that in mind, CARDIO X is fun, fun, fun!!! I get the cardio that I need to speed up the fat shredding, the sweat that makes it feel oh-so-good all while doing something that I enjoy doing. Mixing up some plyo, kenpo, core, and yoga.

About working/not working out with the DVD's. I feel that even though one could workout w/ the DVD's, I am so so so glad that BeachBody decided to add in a workout book that is basically a written duplicate of the DVD's. This is great for ANYONE who is traveling alot, or working out at different places other than their home. Even though I have a portable DVD player and a player on my laptop. I'm not going to set it up in a workout gym. Beachbody gives me the option of photocopying the workout descriptions, and my weight/rep sheet so that I can work out when and WHERE I want. But of course, there is always a evil for every good. The drawback is that it's solely up to you to push yourself, to motivate yourself, to keep "Bringing It!". That's the hard part. I try to keep my pace to where I have about 10-15 seconds between exercises to keep my workout under an hour.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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