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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 23 - Core Synergistics

Core synergistics was an workout that I have been looking forward to doing since the start. As I've mentioned yesterday, being that this is a recovery week, I was kinda worried about letting go of the resistance training. I thought that I might lose my momentum. I actually started thinking of just continuing the resistance training. But I HAVE to, I MUST stick w/ the program to the T.

I quickly, and I stress quickly, found out that Core Synergistics is no walk in the park. What you think you might miss out by not doing resistance training, Tony fills in the gaps with "persistance" training (doing lots of excersices using your own body weight with multiple reps). Tony put me through the paces, constantly reminding me to "ENGAGE" my core. We went through exercises I've never seen or heard of before that put a whole new style of "good pain" in me. I actually felt like I was back on Day 1, Week 1. I was uncoordinated, I fumbled, and tumbled w/ some of the moves. Sometimes, on the new moves, I had to let Tony do one or two before I jumped in.

This is NOW my new FAVORITE workout. It's great. It's Fun, rough, tough, wham-blam-thank you-ma'am type of workout. This workout made each exercises hit all of my muscle groups AT THE SAME TIME! Each exercises had my stomach stinging, my legs aching, my shoulders burning, my chest throbbing, my heart rate pounding, my back flexing. And when you weren't doing that, you were giving high knees, or jumping rope. Core to the EXTREME!!


I can't believe that I'm almost 1/3 the way through this program. Think about it.. I've been going strong for 23 days straight with one of the hardest workout programs out there. I've stuck as close to the nutrition plan as I could financially. I've given every single workout my all, as well as keeping up this blog and it's starting to pay off. I've lost weight (fat), my body fat % has lowered, my belt buster is leaving. My flexibility is increasing, my arms, legs, and back are getting toned. In addition to eating healthier, I've become quite a chef in the kitchen (which my wife likes.)

This has been one wide ride and amazing experience. Instead of complaining about my body and my weight,etc... So far, P90X has done more for me than just be a workout program that will eventually get stowed away in the closet. It's becoming more of a lifestyle: Eating Healthy, Staying Healthy, Getting Fit, Staying Fit. I've gotten my wife to join in on the nutritional side of it. (Being 5 months pregnant, I don't see her doing any pullups any time soon). And I have my workout buddy, my 2yr old son.

Countdown till Progress Reports (& Pics): 5 DAYS

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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