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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 42 - Kenpo X

Woke up this morning and my legs are still alittle bit stiff. Making the decision to switch Kenpo and Stretch was a very smart idea. Stretching yesterday gave my legs and body the needed down time for all my muscle tissue to rebuild themselves, while allowing me to stretch them out to get rid of all that built up lactic acid.

Kenpo today was just as good as any other day. While my kicks weren't as high and as powerful as they usually are. I still gave each move 100% effort.

The hand weights that I added to my Kenpo X arsenal worked GREAT again today. I highly recommend someone who needs that little extra in this workout to buy/borrow a pair of weighted gloves.

Wish me luck tomorrow as I leave out of town for an entire week. I'll try my hardest to bring it every day with P90X and post on how each day went. I'll only be using the green band that came with my P90X package for weight resistance. Also, being that I do not have a door attachment to take along, I hope that the hotel will have a workout gym and if they do, a chin up apparatus.

My nutritional plan (a.k.a- Man's Diet) is coming along nicely. After talking to my friends on the MDB message boards, I have some new recipes that taste great, fit into my meal plan, and have the right amount of protein/carb/fat ratios that are in line with my program to getting to my goal of losing body fat % and body weight. So, while staying true to the provide P90X nutritional plan for Phase II. I might switch out one dinner on the plan w/ a MDB recipe.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick - your photos are a great way to see how well this program works for those of us who "bring it". Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. I'll be stopping by yours regularly also. You're halfway done, you lucky thing!

Anonymous said...

No new pics? Are you still seeing improvement?