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Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 29 - It has BEGUN!! Phase II

Today is the Start of Phase II. This phase throws in the mix of muscle confusion by changing up the routine. Instead of Chest & Back, now is Chest, Shoulders, & Biceps. Unlike the previous workouts that have repeats or sequences, this one doesn't. It runs through 24 Non-Stop Chest Pumping-Bicep Bulging-Tricep Tapping Exercises. Also, we can't forget the infamous Ab-Ripper X!!! Not one repeats, so there is no need to "Pace Yourself," like Tony use to say.

It's balls-to-the-wall pushing until your body just doesn't go any more. That's right, going until failure or at least until you hit that magic number that make the last three tough.

After last week's Recovery Week, I was ready to get back into the groove. I have to admit that I didn't adhere to the P90X rules. I added a round or two of Cardio X on my Yoga Days. Sorry, I couldn't help it. I just felt like I was slacking (I don't know how or why, I just did). Plus w/ my progress report coming out at the end of the week, I wanted to try to get those extra few inches, lbs, or whatever out. No Pain... No Gain....

On this routine, right out of the gate, on the first exercise I knew it was going to be a long, hard, great workout. The Slo-Mo Pushups... PHEW!! If this is just #1 of 24............

I know I've said it in the past about some of the other exercises, but THIS!! THIS workout is now my Favorite. It pushes you to the extreme edge of mental and physical limits. There were times where I knew my mind wanted to go on to hit that magic number in my head, but my body just didn't want to follow. And it's times like that when you have to, you must, make the two hit the same goal. Throughout Phase I, I found where my limits were so I had an idea of what numbers worked for me.

When it came time to doing the pushups or any exercise w/out weights, Tony stressed "MAXIMUM REPS", which to me meant: Keep pushing it your body physically won't let you. And that's exact what I did. There were many times, where my face ate the floor (padded), and each time, I got right back up and try to push one more out.

My arms felt like they did back in the day of workout out hardcore in the gym. Biceps and triceps "pumped" so much that you could barely wash your face or brush your teeth. LOVE IT!!

However, I'd just like to say that there was a exercise that I would like to stress caution on doing. One in particular was the Pour Flyes. The one where you do a straight arm flye, then twist your wrists as if you were pouring water. SUPER SUPER tough on the wrists if you are using to large of a weight. You have to use a weight to were you get the burn in the shoulders, but not to much to were it puts tons of stress on your wrists.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog!

Wife (Naomi) and I are on the second week right now. Following it religiously. Our week runs from Saturday through Friday (my stretch day) and we have struggled, hated and fallen in love with the programs.

We've made a few changes with the food (substituting Spinach for Arugula, for example) but have stayed the course and made a lot of changes to our way of eating. It is expensive - as you said - but I think we've found a few ways to cut that down (cod, instead of halibut, etc.)

Keep journaling! I'm a couple of weeks behind and getting a lot of encouragement! I read so many blogs out there where people start half-heartedly, fumble the meal plan early and then just quit all together. Thanks for not being "that guy". Here's hoping you end up with the buff-est 2-year-old in town.

We're here sweating with you.