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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 38 - The Gun Show II

WHAM-BLAM-THANK YOU-MA'AM!! That's all I'm gonna say about today's Back & Bicep workout.

I was able to workout at my work's gym today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a full set of free weights. 15# to light: BAM-> Go to 20#.. 35# to heavy: BAM-> Pick up some 30#. I didn't have the fumbling around screwing/unscrewing my DB's trying to find the right weight. I was able to go from excersice to excersice with no problems.

Another great thing that the gym has are MIRRORS... No, No, of course I don't use them to eww and ahh over my bulging biceps. No way. I use them strictly and only to allow me to see my form. HAHAHAHAHA Whatever.. OH yeah, and don't forget the sleeveless T-Shirt.

I went up in my weights on some moves and stayed where I was on others. I paced myself to were I was in-and-out in about an hour (which is about the same time on the DVD's). I got a really good pump in my biceps and especially my forearms. P90X kicks some major butt!!

I do have to say that I miss watching and working along with Tony on the DVD's. Feels like I'm missing out working with my friends, even though I know it's just a DVD. But I still get the workout that my body needs to transform.

Since there was no repeats, I tried to go to my max Pull ups each and every time I had to do them. On weights, I tried to pick a weight than made my max around 12-13. Not 8-10. My main focus is to tone, hone, and shred the muscles I do have so that when I get this layer of fat off of me, I'll be ahead of the game. Then I'll go for mass.

I do have a comment to make:
There are 3-4 guys that workout at the gym the same time I do... All they have going for them is mass, No Definition at all.... Sure they're chest and arms are pretty big, but that's about it. It's muscle definition that drives women crazy. The ripples, the lines, the grooves. That's what get the ladies. Not a body so big and stiff you have to walk sideways through doorways to get into places.

So why'll they spend 30-40 minutes on bench press trying to see who can outlift who. I'll be over doing my P90X thing, getting ripped. Even though I'm happily married and in no way of looking for any women.
**I know what makes my wife tick and what gets her all riled up--> And that's ALL that matters.

As for cardio. Completed. Done. Check. I've noticed that I start to get alittle bit of that "bonk" near the end of the workout. I'll probably have to eat a half of a protein bar or something so that I have some quick carbs in me to keep me going.

Steps Taken Today: 14, 183 (not including any workouts)
**Even if I take out an aggressive # like 1000 steps for the bumps
taken when driving to an from work (~1 hr total) that still leaves

13,183 steps today!! WOW!!! I was a walking fiend.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


Anonymous said...

no updating the pics? lets see the progress!

Anonymous said...

Nice, how much of a monster will you be in another 60 days?!!!

looks like your working out hard....

I was wondering on average how many calories you consume daily?

1800, 2400,? and what ratios or just eating healthy off of Michi's Ladder?

I did P90x in the summer the first I'd say 5 weeks or so and was seeing the same type of results, but my partner (brother) and I go into a fight one day (always had to one up each other) and "the dream" ended,

I started up again this week and have already started to see results its a great program!

I'm just not a big fan of the Kempo (which is scheduled Sat for me, might just skip it and do cariox or plyo again) or the Yoga (which I find to be the most challenging)but I know that I have to at least do 30 min of it, the stuff at the end is too tough for me right now

I've done so much Cardio and the thing that I think gets the most results (fat loss wise, not weight loss) for most part is when you lift (or do kempo-type- HITT ahh runners high!) so that its tough at the end

I'm starting my own blogger site up...what do you think?

Keep pushing play!