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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 25 - Stetching Out

This is the first time, where P90X has required me to stretch. Usually, I do X Stretch on Sundays or what I'm suppose to consider my OFF day. But after Kenpo AND Core Synergistics back to back, I definetly need this. It couldn't have come at a better time.

"They think of everything." --> or so Tony says.

My flexibility (along w/ pullups) has always been my weak point. I was in gymnastics in high school and used my tumbling skills all throughout college. I even have 4-5 years of martial arts under my belt, but even with all this, I'm on un-flexible person. I use to be able to put my knuckles on the ground during standing straight leg stretching, however, that was 2 years ago.

X Stretch, being the only stretching video I've used, has greatly increased my flexibility in my legs and hips. This workout is just long enough to get the maximum results, but short enough not to OVER stretch.

Countdown till Progress Reports (& Pics): 3 DAYS

I'll be back tommorow pushing play

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