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Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 36 - The Gun Show

Today I thought I'd spice it up and try a new way of working out in Phase II. I've been complaining about having to waste time and energy switching out my twist lock DB's, and how I need to do more cardio but no time in the world. Well, today it changes.

At my place of work, they have a "full" workout gym area: Free weights, benches, smith machines, weight machines, treadmills, etc..... Since they have two full sets of sold DB's: WHY NOT WORKOUT THERE during my lunch break, and do cardio at night. BRILLIANT!! But would it work??

Well, reporting back: It WORKS!!! I copied the worksheet and exercise descriptions from my book and brought it in. I was able to go at my own pace, keep it under an hour, and get a great workout in!!! I was able to switch to a different weight if it was too heavy or to light. I had a greater assortment of weights so I was able to go find out what weight ACTUALLY worked for me. I got a great workout in, sweated just as much and feel SUPER ENERGIZED to finish out the day. AND!!!!! I now have time to do Cardio when I get home. YEEEAAAHHH!!

Funny thing is that today, two people came up to me, they were watching me and they saw all the different pushups and tricep exercises I was doing, and asked if I was doing P90X! I told them that I was and how'd they know?? This is how they answered:

We've seen you around work the past couple of months and notice that you have
(in the past month) looked like you've really lost weight and see the muscle definition increase through my shirt.

They told me that they were doing P90X as well, but were only in Phase I. I told them it's the best thing ever done. I've lost 10lbs, and dropped ~5% body fat in just 5 weeks. They were all smiles. Looks like I have some P90X friends and workout buddies closer than I thought. What a small world.


So far, the nutritional plan is going fairly well. While, the meals are ALL different, the dinners have been alittle bit more time consuming since they call more mostly different ingredients than Phase I. The ingredients that I bought in Week 1 of Phase II (Week 5) of what I thought was enough to last me two weeks didn't. Either I didn't buy enough, or the stuff I did buy went bad (bean sprouts, lettuce, etc.)

So when that happens, I just cook up a Phase I dinner and add some Carbs like from bananas or slice of whole wheat toast, or something off the Carb list on the Michi's Ladder.


Steps Taken Today: 10,138 (including Cardio X)

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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