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Friday, October 5, 2007

Day 19 - Legs of Fire!

Three weeks almost up!

Today was a really solid workout. Week 1 & 2 I struggled to get through the different versions of wall squats, but today I was able to burn through them without having to stand-up. Of course the wall squats made my legs fire hot, and there was alittle shaking in the last few seconds of each. But all-in-all, I'm proud of myself making this milestone.

I can "SEE" a huge difference in my thighs. Before it was just one mass, now I can see some major definition between the inner and outer thigh muscles (Vastus Medialis & Lateralis). I'll contribute this to the extra cardio, plyometrics, kenpo x, & of course Leg&Back.

Also with this workout, I used 20# D.B.'s on all the leg exercises, unless Tony specified not to. I wanted to make sure my Phase I went out w/ a BANG!

While I still have to use the chair for 90% of all my pullups, I was able to do +1 pullup unassisted on each of the pull up exercises. ANOTHER MILESTONE HIT! My back has taken a new form. Comparing my Muscle pose of my back of Week 3 and Week 1. HUGE difference, at least in my eyes. My "love-handles" are slowly going away and the ridge down my spine is become more pronounced.

My nutrition plan has been coming along quite nicely. I've enjoyed the fact that P90X gives me the meal plan option with my entire week layed out infront of me. I know what groceries I need to get for the month/week and buy in bulk. I've stuck to the plan as close as possible, but due to my families taste buds, I've only made the vegetable soup and red pepper soup. Both are really great, but since they serve 12 and my family is only 2.5, I cut the recipe in half and that lasts about a week.

Another great thing I like about the nutrition plan is that they also give you the portion option where you pick what you want (I use Michi's Ladder) to mix-and-match your own meals. This came in handy the past couple days w/ the weather and my son getting sick, we weren't able to get out to the store. I was able to use the ladder and make meals from the groceries I did have and still have a complete "nutritional" day.

Goals/Milestones for Today:
Stick w/ Nutrition Plan: Done
+1 Unassisted Pullup PER exercise: ACHIEVED!! Kudos to me
Get through wall-squats (not matter what): BOOO YAAA!!! You can't stop me.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.

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