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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Day 21 - Day of Rest

On the Seventh Day, God rested. So, I guess I will too.

As a review of the last three weeks, I think I've done phenomenal, in terms of "keeping up the good fight". I stayed away from all the junk food, random snacking, fatty foods, soda's, fast food, and sweet indulgences.

I am proud that I stuck to my guns and even though there were alot of temptations this month, I stayed w/ the P90X plan. They say nutrition is just as important (probably even more) than working out. No sense on taking one step forward by working out hard EVERY DAY, just to take two steps back by eating junk food that does not do my body any good.

I can see and feel my progress in just these few three weeks.
Without throwing a pity party, I wasn't happy w/ my body at all. One of those "I'm eat because I'm unhappy w/ my body, I'm unhappy w/ my body because I eat." I'd come home from a full day of work, then I'd have to make dinner (sometimes), then play with my son (which is always the highlight of my day), then give him and bath, then put him to bed, then at the end of the day, it's around 8:30pm. I'm tired, drained, hungry, and ready to just sit and do nothing and go to bed. Just to repeat the same process the next day.

Since getting P90X, I've had a "second wind". It's the perfect answer for someone who has limited time and/or cannot make it to the gym every night. P90X has given me something to look forward to each and every night. It's like having a workout buddy who is always ready to workout no matter what time it is. Keeping me going / pushing me to the next level. I can workout in the comforts of my house, while my son sleeps in the next room.

It's gotten to the point to where I "need to", I "have to" push play every night. Each night, I push my self to new limits, I sweat & swear due to all the pushing, pulling, and "good" pain I go through. I know deep down that I the only way to change my life (health, weight, etc) I have to change my thoughts. Pushing play every night, and looking at my Before Pictures push me to keeping up the "good fight" of getting back in shape.

p90X has started carving me into a new man. I'm eating healthier, losing fat and gaining muscle. I've have more energy throughout the day, my daily outlook has become brighter, I've become more "cheerful". No more "unhappy->eat, eat->unhappy". NO MORE!! P90X has taken me far in these three short weeks. I can't wait for the next 10 more.

p90X is worth every single penny that I spent on the program. I've always been skeptical about workout programs that you see on TV. But there was/is something about this program, the P90X program that had me hooked from the first time I saw it. And after the first day of pushing play I was hooked. P90X is going to take me to a whole new level, and all I have to do is push play and enjoy the ride.

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