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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 39 - Yoga w/ my son

Nothing like a good day of Yoga. Unless it's a good day of Yoga w/ my son. He has become obsessed with Yoga. Every night he wants to do yoga, he carries around his Yoga block. Before bed he says: "I have to do Yoga Daddy." It's a riot. He's learned to 1)Turn on the TV, 2)Turn on the DVD player, 3)Push play.

Sometimes I'll be in the other room and all of a sudden hear Tony in the back ground. (I leave my DVD's in the dvd player.) I walk in and my son says "He HAS to do Yoga." Even though, the Yoga DVD isn't even in the player.

Here are two pictures while doing Yoga. He lasted about 15 minutes this time before having to go to bed.


I'm getting better and better with this thing called Yoga. I'm able to hold some of positions that I couldn't get before.

One positive about this workout, is that I was able to go from downward dog to runner's pose every time on each leg with my foot hitting the ground early and I have to grab it and pull it up into place. (If that makes sense.)

Steps Taken Today: 8, 125

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play.


Anonymous said...

Before seeing you blog I was about 85% sure I was going to give P90X a try. Reading your posts and seeing the before and after pic's I'm in. Thanks for your posts!

ace said...

Time spent watching P90X infomercial - about 1 hour @ $30.00 per hour = $30.00

Order P90X videos - about $130.00 with shipping

Order Pull Up Bar and Stretch Bands - about $130.00 with shipping

Seeing pictures of your kid stand in mountain pose and do downward dog -- PRICELESS!!!