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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 31 - Back & Bicep

Did Back & Biceps for the first time last night.. This workout has the potential to give me amazing results on the "Guns". But at the end of it I was alittle bummed and disappointed w/ myself.

I was doing the WOWY thing, which gives you a time limit. A specific amount of time for each workout. You click Start, there's a timer that ticks down, and you click Done when your done with your workout.

I wasted so much time switching out weights, since I have those spin lock DB's, trying to figure out what weight to curl. One exercise I need 20# to get that burn around rep 12, the next is 10#, the next 16# (I have 3#'s not 2.5). With switching out weights, unspinning the lock, switching out plats, spinning back on the lock and trying to get it all done in time, I guess my mind was more into finding the weight instead of doing the exercise. So even though I got a really good pump, I didn't get that feeling that I worked out to my full potential.

I expected this to happen since the same thing happened on the first workout of Shoulders and Arms trying to find the right weight. But, on the flip side, NOW I KNOW what weights I need. So next time, I'll be able to give it my all and do the right weights.

I definitely need to save up some money (which will take forever w/ wife and 2 kids) or start up a "Nicks D.B. Fund" to get me some solid DB's or some of those sweet selectable DB's.

HOWEVER, on the plus side. I'm LOVING the new meal plan!!!! The new foods, recipes, and finally CARBS!!!!! I brought back the Beef&Broccoli recipe from Phase I cause it was my favorite. It's going to be alot easier staying focused to the plan being that the assortment of food is more inline to what I already eat.

PLUS! My wife (being the pregnant finicky eater that she is) said that the food looks and smells good and that she'll probably eat the food along w/ me. So that'll cut down on having to buy MY food and HER food.

In addition to Phase II, I am carrying around a pedometer. They say that the normal "office" worker only gets in around 2,000 steps in a day. The recommend amount is 10,000. WOW!! So I'm going to also keep track of how many steps I take a day, and do what I have to do to get at or around 10,000 steps. If that's going for a ten minute walk w/ my son: GREAT!! If that's walking my overweight dog: GREAT! If that's adding Cardio X (since I hate running) that day: AWESOME!!!! I'll keep you guys up-to-date on the step-o-meter.

I'll be back tomorrow pushing play

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DavidJ said...

Dude...your pictures look awesome! I agree with you about the weights. I asked my brogher about those weights and he told me to just use the bands or get dumbells that are fixed to a specific weight (the hexagon ones).

Anyway push through it man!

Have you signed up as a coach yet? You have that get up and go that makes a successful coach! Let me know if I can help!

Dave Daikeler
Independent Million Dollar Body Coach and Founder